Pregnant with horan


3. look at the news

I sit on the couch reading a new pregnancy book. Me and Niall went baby shopping today and picked up a brand new crib and bottles Niall is such a great daddy. He kisses my stomach every night and tells them he loves them. I awake from my day dream to discover Niall calling me. I pick up the phone and Niall seemed panicked he yelled "turn on the tv on channel 7" I followed orders and the first thing I saw was a picture of me and big words saying girl impregnated by Niall Horan. I started to cry my life seemed over they knew about me and I would never be the same Niall came up behind me and hugged me and told me it will all be ok. I knew his career was over. Now I got many phone calls I answered one "is it true your pregnant with Niall Horans baby??? " I threw my phone at the tv and cried all I wanted was to be normal.

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