ministry of sound- a short story

Short story


1. Ministry of Sound

Ministry of Sound

Smell the drinks around. The sweet, sweet aroma. The flashing lights. The blasting music. Everyone stumbling and dancing like crazy. Over in the middle of the room. Dancing. Ryan and Luke dancing, stumbling, sweating. As Ryan and Luke take another sip of their buds mixed with Captain Morgan's rum, Ryan drips his drink down his shirt. Hot and sweaty, the lights making their skin gleam. Dancing close to the girls they just met. The girls came in from Lafayette and were new in town. And this is how it all started.


Luke was out in the park when he ran into a girl. Literally. He ran into her and she dropped her books. He watched as she bent over to pick up her books. Deciding to help her, he gets down on the ground to pick up her books. Their hands meet and they look at each other. The girl shyly smiles, "Hi..."

"Uhh... Hi..."

She starts gathering her books but Luke can't help but stare at this girls beauty. Her amazingly striking features. Her smile. Her perfect, perfect wavy blonde hair. Her cunning and beautiful crystal and bright blue eyes. Her perfect cheek bones. Everything about her spoke beauty. The strange girl looked up at Luke and asked, "What's wrong?... Is there something on my face?..."

"Huh?.. Oh no. Sorry, I was just looking at how beautiful you are...." Luke's cheeks flush with embarrassment by both being caught and for saying what was truly on his mind.

"Sorry. I'm being rude... I'm Luke."

"Oh no. It's my fault I wasn't paying attention. I'm Maddie."

"Maddie. That's a beautiful name for a beautiful girl."

Maddie blushes. Oh the way she blushes just takes his breath away. Luke, taken aback, inhales deeply.

Maddie and Luke continue talking for what seemed like hours about everything. Their lives, jokes, stories, why Maddie came to London, and what Luke thinks of London. Everything. Then the time came for Maddie to leave. Luke didn't want her to go. He wanted her to stay but her friend had called her 15 times within five hours. She must have been truly worried about her.

Luke handed Maddie his phone and she put her number in. Luke looked at the number and sadly said "You need a contact picture... A beautiful girl like you can't be unseen." Again, she blushed that deep crimson red that Luke liked. It showed her perfect cheekbones to look even more than perfect. Maddie took the phone from Luke's hand and gladly took a selfie. Oh her smile. Luke then looked at the contact. He was happy to see that picture smiling up at him with those bright crystal and deep blue eyes. He quickly clicked on the number before she left and placed the phone next to his ear. A phone in her back pocket started ringing. He ended the call and looked at her. "Just had to check." He slyly winks at Maddie causing her cheeks to flush. Oh how cute she looks. Then her phone started ringing once more. Her friend, and roommate, calling again. She must be truly worried. Maddie answered and said she was okay and that she was headed over there at the moment. She ended the call and turned to Luke. Luke and Maddie looked at each other and then pulls each other into a nice, warm, tight hug. She smelled so good. Like fresh roses in full bloom. Then Maddie started walking back home and Luke ran back to his place to his friends all about the amazing girl he just met.


Maddie made it home just fine. Since her roommate had called her 16 times, she thought maybe something important was going on. She went to her best friend, and roommate, sitting on the couch waiting. She looked at her and her friend smiled. Maddie looked at her confused.

"What happened with you?..."

"I made us plans for tonight."

"What kind of 'plans'?"

"Fun plans. Make-friends plans."

"Okay. *Maddie sat next to her on the couch* More info please."

"Ministry of Sound."

"No need to say more. I'm going get ready."

By this time, it was roughly 9:30PM and Ministry of Sound opened at 10:00PM. Maddie quickly ran up stairs to her room to get ready.

"Maddie! Are you ready to go yet?!" her friend called from downstairs.

"Yeah! I'll be down in a minute!

"Hurry! You're such a slow poke!"

"You know it!"

"Yeah I do! Let's go!"

"Okay! Okay! I'm coming!"

Maddie walks downstairs and her friend is amazed.

"For you to be the one who wears nothing but jeans, beanies, and sweatshirts, you clean up good! Wow!"

"Thank ya. Thank ya. I know I look good!" They both laugh

Maddie had on a navy dress that went down to her mid-thigh that showed off her curves and nude heels. Her hair was curled and she had on a light amount of makeup, lipgloss, blush, and mascara. Her friend had on a black dress that did the same. The styles were different, but it went down to her mid-thigh. She had on red heels and her hair was straightened from top to bottom. She had put mascara and lipgloss on as well to compliment the red shoes to the black dress. Then they grabbed the wallets and headed out the door.


Luke made it home just as safe as Maddie did. He walked in the door and sees five faces standing at the door starring at him.

Kyle is the oldest.

Then Drew to follow.

Who is brought up by Luke and Ryan.

Who is followed by Thomas and Charlie, who are the youngest.

Kyle pipes in.

"What's got you so giddy?"

"Yeah, what are you so smily about Luke?" pipes in another.

Luke sighs in relief and smiles once more.

"How was your day? I had an amazing day. I had a lot of fun. I hope you guys had a lot of fun today, like me. I hope you had as much fun as I did. You guys need to have a lot of fun like that. That was fun."

Ryan follows him to the kitchen. Luke goes up to the fridge and opens it, unaware of Ryan's presence behind him. Ryan goes up behind him and pats him on the back. Luke jumps from shock.


"Hey.. You scared me."

"Spill it. Who is she?"

"Alright. Alright. *Luke smiles* I ran into this girl in town today by the market."

"You talked to her for like five hours didn't you?"

"Yeah... Yeah I did.. *Luke smiles once more and his cheeks flush* She's amazing Ryan. If only you would've been there to met her."

"Did you get her number?"

"Sure did. Check it out."

I"Wow. She's a pretty girl. Love her eyes."

"Yeah her eyes are so blue it's unreal."

Kyle shouts throughout the house,

"Boys!! Get ready!! We're going to Ministry of Sound!!"

Everyone yells and screams and runs in agreement.

Ryan was about to walk out when Luke calls to him.

"Ryan! I'll tell you more later!"

"You better tell me everything!"

"You got it lil bro!"

Luke, Ryan, and the lads get ready and head over to Ministry of Sound. By this time, it's 10:00PM.

Luke decides to shoot a quick text to Maddie on the way.

"Going to Ministry of Sound tonight. Meet me there?x."

"Sure thing. I was going with Olivia, my roommate, anyways."

"Sounds good to me. See you there.x.😉"

"See ya!"

And with that Luke and the lads pulled up to Ministry of Sound and parked. Now it was 10:45PM and the place was already packed. What could you really expect though? It was the best place to be.

Then Olivia pulled up 20 minutes later and parked the car. Maddie shot a quick text to Luke, while Olivia went straight in ready to see what this place was about.

"Hey! We're here!"

"Okay! Go in and meet me on the staircase to the the balcony.x."

"Sure thing!"

Maddie went in and found Olivia and told her where she was going. This place was HUGE. The biggest club Maddie has ever seen. The music was perfect. Her type. Then she headed to the stairs.


In the meantime, Olivia headed over to the bar. She looked at all the drink options and decided to just get a beer instead of something hard. She thanked the bar tender and turned around to become face to face with someone.

"Oh I'm sorry."

"Oh no. It's okay love."

"I'm Olivia."


The two talked for a while and eventually Ryan asked Olivia, "Uhh... Umm... Would you like to get a bite to eat sometime?..." Ryan rubs the back of his neck nervously.

"Yeah. Yeah I would love that. Call me sometime." Olivia wrote her number on Ryan's arm with a sharpie she found on the bar.


Maddie went up half of the stairs and stopped and waited for Luke

She was standing at the railing looking for any sign of the cute brown haired boy with the dashing eyes she had met only six hours before. By now it was roughly 11:15PM. She was looking intensively for him when suddenly someone snaked their arms around her waist, picked her up, and spun around. The strange arms put her down and Maddie turned around to see those sparkling eyes looking down at her.

"Luke! You scared me!"

"Oh! I'm sorry love! Just wanted a little fun!"

"That wasn't fun! I didn't know who it was! I thought i was being kidnapped or something."

"Awwe! Please forgive me!" Luke makes a puppy face.

"Awwe okay. Who can resist that face?"

"So you forgive me?"

"I guess so."

"Good." Luke winks at Maddie.

Luke leans over and whispers in Maddie's ear.

"Come with me."

"Where are we going?"

"You'll see. Just trust me." And with that, Luke reached over and slid his hand into Maddie's smaller one and intertwined their fingers. Maddie and Luke felt sparks but kept to themselves. He took Maddie down the stairs and headed outside. Maddie explained about Olivia being inside and probably going to worry about her.

"Don't worry. We won't be long. I just want you to see something."


He takes her down a path that took about twenty minutes to walk down and lead to a hill with a tree. He let go of her hand and ran under the tree motioning for her to follow. She went to the tree and watched Luke as he laid down. He pat the spot next to him and Maddie laid there.

They looked up at the open sky and looked at all the twinkling stars. Maddie could faintly hear Luke singing a song that seemed quite familiar to her from her childhood.

"'Cause I'm looking at you through the glass. Don't know how much time has passed. All I know is that it feels like forever. But no one ever tells you that forever feels like home. Sitting all alone inside your head.

And it's the stars, the stars

That shine for you.

And it's the stars, the stars

That lie to you."

Maddie turned to look at him and she watched him sing.

He glanced at her and she looked away blushing that could only slightly be seen through the darkness.


Back inside, Olivia and Ryan talked for what seemed hours and about anything and everything to each other. They talked about hobbies, stories, told jokes, danced like idiots, and told each other about their lives. Now it was 1:00AM. Two hours had passed and Olivia hadn't heard from Maddie yet so she shot her a quick text.

"Hey, you alive?"

"Yep. I'm responsive."

"Okay. Just checking."

"No biggie."

Then Olivia and Ryan went look around Ministry of Sound a bit more. They were walking around when Olivia got a rush under her skin. She looked down to see Ryan's hand softly holding hers, with his fingers linked between hers. Goosebumps rose under her skin at his touch. He was truly amazing. He had a great personality and a hilarious sense of humor. Then a song came on that they both loved and he looked at Olivia.

"Wanna dance?"


Ryan led Olivia to the dance floor where they danced the night away.


Soon enough, Luke and Maddie walked back inside, hand in hand, and went get a drink. Luke insisted on buying her drink. They both got a Bud with a shot or two of Captain Morgan's rum. They were drinking and talking when Ryan and Olivia ran up to them.

"Hey Luke! Is this Maddie?"

"Yeah this is Maddie."

"Hi! I'm Ryan! We live together along with four other guys."

"Hi Ryan! I'm Maddie. It's nice to meet you. I see you've met Olivia."

"Oh Ryan and I have done so much!"

"Haha! So you're Olivia, huh? He's not causing you too much trouble is he? *Luke pumps a fist to mess around*" "Oh no! We're having so much fun! Maddie! This place is amazing!"

"I know! This place is huge! I can't believe it!"

~Luke and Ryan's thoughts~

"Wow. Olivia is stunning. She has such great potential for herself and others. She has such a great personality and her humor is amazing. Her laugh and her smile. Wow. Just wow. I want her. I need her. She has to be mine."

"Maddie, Maddie, Maddie.

He glanced at her and she looked away blushing that could only slightly be seen through the darkness.






Time has gone by so fast that no one seems to notice it's 3:45 in the morning. This place is still packed tight with at least 80 people. They've been dancing for hours. Those four. Nonstop dancing together, and sometimes on each other. By this time, people are hot and sweaty and stumbling. Luke's and Ryan's shirts are sticking to them and Olivia and Maddie resorted to taking off their heels to prevent blisters from forming. The four of them were drunk and getting down. Nothing could stop them. They were on top of the world. Now it's 4:50AM, they're still dancing constantly. Not paying attention to anything but each other.

Luke to Maddie.

Maddie to Luke.

Ryan to Olivia.

Olivia to Ryan.


Now, things have gone from hot to HOT. People are tripping on each other. People are grinding. Hard. People are making out in booths and at tables. People have gone into the back rooms available to the customers to have a little.. fun time together. People have gotten in fights. People have gotten thrown out. People have gotten sick. People have passed out. Everything is happening. No one can stop it. It just happens on it's own.


Luke and Maddie are getting ideas to do otherwise. Maddie and Luke were dancing on each other to the beat of the pulsing music in their ears. They continue dancing but now it's getting touchy. Luke's hands find themselves snaking around Maddie's waste. He tilts his head down and starts touching his lips to her neck. Maddie shudders under the touch of his skin on her neck. He leaves light kisses down her neck as they continue rocking they're bodies to the beat.


Meanwhile, Ryan and Olivia are dancing together. A song comes on and Olivia and Ryan start grinding along to the beat.

The beat turns Ryan into a new man with Olivia dancing with him and he gets a rush of courage. Ryan puts his hands firmly on her waist and dances intensively. Her watches her every move and how perfect her body moves to the beat like she has no worries and doesn't have a care in the world. His hands move to her hips and tilts his head down so his lips are even with her ear. His warm breath on her neck makes her shudder into his control. He takes this chance to slip his lips down to her neck. He leaves sweet little kisses up her neck from the collar bone, up. Leaving a trail of perfect kisses. He trailed up to her sweet spot and sweetly, yet purely, kissed it. This motion made Olivia fall into his arms. Now, she was his. She turns around to face him. Ryan snakes his arms around the small of her back. She wraps her arms around the back of his neck. They look each other dead in the eye. Ryan loses control and crashes his lips against hers. Olivia was stunned and didn't know what to do. Ryan pulls back.

"I'm sorry, Olivia. I shouldn't ha-" Before he can finish, he gets cut off by Olivia crashing her perfect lips onto his soft, perfect, plump ones.


Luke was kissing Maddie's neck when he heard a soft, quiet moan come from her. He felt pleased that he had this effect on her. Before they knew it, he was kissing her sweet spot. Another moan. He started to lightly suck her sweet spot which made her melt. Luke loved how delicate she was under his touch. He loved every bit of it. Then he kissed her once more, then he spun her around. Straddling her waist, he pulled her closer than close. He looked deeply in her bright crystal and deep blue eyes. He found himself getting lost in every moment of them. Falling deeper and deeper. He looked down at her lips, back at her eyes, and slightly bit his lip. Maddie watched him bite his lip then looked back in his green eyes. Then they crashed their lips together. ~~~~~~~



Sparks were flying. All four of them felt sparks, electricity. They felt so alive.

Their kisses were full of passion and love for each other. They could tell from all of the passion and force put into the kiss that the other person truly felt the same and it wasn't the drunk talking.




Ministry of Sound is closing in a matter of five minutes so Kyle, Thomas, Charlie, and Drew go look around for Luke and Ryan. They're looking around wondering what happened and then they see it. Ryan standing in one corner kissing a girl with his arms around her waist and Luke sitting in the opposite corner kissing a girl sitting in his lap.


Kyle went over to Ryan's corner. Kyle knocked on the wall next to Ryan and Olivia.

"Sorry to interrupt but Ryan, we gotta go."

"Oh! It's 6:30 already!"

"About to be!"


Drew went to Luke's corner. Drew tapped on Maddie's shoulder awkwardly.

"Hi... umm... Sorry to interrupt but umm... Luke, we're leaving..."

"Wait.... What?... It-It's 6:30 already?!"

"Yeah! We gotta go!"


"I'll leave you two to it. Meet us out front." Kyle walks away.

"Can you spend the day with us, with me? Please?"

"Are... Are you sure?"


"Okay.... I'll come."


Ryan and Olivia hug and head to the door.


"I'm just gonna go and uhh... Let you two finish this..."

Drew walks away.

"Luke don't go..."

Luke whispers in Maddie's ear.

"Come with me."

"Go with you? Are you sure?"

"It wasn't a question. Come with me."

"Okay. I'll come."


Luke pecks Maddie's lips one more time and Maddie gets up and Luke stands and puts his arm around Maddie's waist while they walk out.


Kyle gets in the driver's seat. Drew in the passenger. Charlie and Thomas climb in the back row. Ryan gets in and Olivia sits next to him. Then Luke climbs in last and Maddie has to sit in his lap. The whole ride home, the guys had their arms wrapped around their girls. Luke was making small circles with his thumb in Maddie's side and Ryan had Olivia resting her head on his shoulder.


They got to the house and everyone went to their rooms. Maddie put on some of Luke's sweats and Olivia in Ryan's. For the rest of the day, they had a lazy day of cuddling and watching movies together.

Thanks for reading sorry so short but thought if would be fun to write a short story!!



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