Me myself and amy.

Hey, my names Matthew and I don't really like talking to people about my feelings so I thought I would make a diary about how I met the most beautiful girl in my life,


2. What just happened...

So the day goes by, lessons finished, sat at home bored, I decided to roam through my contacts and realised the first contact on my list was Amy, probably from the time she let me down, oh well so I decided to text her and ask her why she was smiling and she said "because of you", right, don't tell nobody I have a rep you know! I went so red, I looked like a fresh cherry, I can't believe I actually made her smile, did I mention she was gorgeous? Okay maybe I did... Once or twice... Okay a lot, but seriously she is beyond gorgeous, will I be able to get her? Doubt it, not really the best looking boy out of all her previous boyfriends who where complete assholes to her, anyways at the end of the day we said goodnight and actually felt happy for once, the next day nothing really happened I didn't see her at school and was too embarrassed to text her, way to go Matthew.

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