Beauty and the Geek

Hi, Im Emma, head-cheerleader in Winton high, I live in Winton, America with my mum, dad, my younger brother (nash) and my older brother (hayes).My boyfriend, Josh, is team captain for our football team, lets just say I had a perfect live until everything took a turn for the worst ....


1. getting up


I woke up to the bleeping sound of my alarm clock. I groaned reaching over to turn off the piercing noise. The clock read 7:45. "Shit" i yelled. I jumped out of bed and ran towards my walk-in wardrobe. I choose my clothes and hurriedly pulled on my acid-wash skinny jeans and a maroon floaty top which had ramones written on it then I pulled on a pair of navy vans. After finishing getting dressed I looked in the mirror noticing I haven't done my hair or make-up yet, I quickly checked the time, 7:55. I have 10 minutes before my brother Hayes drives off to school without me. I grab my straighters and fixed my long blonde hair, I grabbed my make-up bag and ran downstairs. My mum, dad and my two brothers were sitting at the table eating breakfast. "Hayes are you ready yet ?" I asked my brother sitting down on the spare seat at the table. "Well good morning to you too Emma and yes I am ready are you !" He says with a smirk. "I may have slept in just a tiny bit but i can do my make-up in the car mirror" I said simply. Nash cleared his throat then said "not today Em im in the passenger seat, your turn in the back" I looked at him giving him the best death glare I could make, he gave one back and we started having a staring contest. We were interrupted by dad asking "todays your first day back at school, how are you guys feeling" we all mumbled an "alright" "right we're away bye mum and dad" Hayes said clearly bored of this topic of conversation. "Okay, bye hun and kids remember behave"."okay mum" we said at the time and left the livingroom walking towards the car lifting our bags in the process."I call the passenger seat" Nash shouted running pass me."not if I get there first" I yell sprinting across the lawn making my way to the garage. Nash tripped over a rock and fell on his face giving me time to catch up, I jump into the car and locked the door. "Thats not fair" I heard nash mumbled walking towards the car and getting in the back seat. I held back a laugh at the face he was making. Hayes started the car driving carefully out of the gate to our house. I got out my make-up putting on my foundation, some lipstick and mascara after I was done I placed my the make-up in my bag and zipped it up. I turned on the radio to mtv, just my luck Justin beiber came on singing boyfriend, I quickly turned it off because I hate Justin beiber. Hayes sniggered at my actions, I just continued to look out the window until I see the similar surroundings of school. I look and the digital clock on the radio it read 8:30, great i thought ... were early, I took out my timetable seeing what my first three classes are double home economics and Spanish, *cue sarcasm* yay, schools the best



This is my first fanfiction please let me know what you think so far :Dx

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