When your so overwhelmed and your stronger than ever....

Just plus that with another person and it makes it even stronger.. But that isn`t always good..


3. 3`

Around 9, we finally left my house, I had money to get in, gas if needed, and hotel if needed. We got in her car and she drove, we drove to the hottest club, of coarse me being me and having my ways I got to get us VIP so we didn`t have to wait in line. We got to the VIP section with all the booths.. It was dimmed, you could see everyone in each booth.. I wasn`t anyone new to this, we sat down and both just sat and talked. I looked around and then quickly jerked my head towards Evi.

"Evi! look at the corner of my back. Look who is in the booth." She looked and tryed not making much notice to herself.

"That.." I cut her off.

"That`s Harry Styles. From One Direction." I whispered. She smiled and looked at me.

"Let`s walk past him and sway our hips and try to catch his attention." I nodded then grabbed her wrist as she got up.

"You go first, go to the bathroom I`ll be soon after." She nodded and walked. Evi had a great body, perfectly muscular for a girl, beautiful. I watched to see if he looked and he did, then traced his eye`s to me where I shly looked away. I got on my phone waiting about 2 minutes then got up and did the same, I swayed my hips, getting as close to his table as possible. I saw him look at the corner of his eye. I walked through the crowd of 50 or so people dancing. 


I was so close to the bathroom then I got pushed to the wall.. I looked around trying to see who it was. No one I knew, some drunk guy who wanted to have sex. 

"Get off me!" He just laughed and kissed my neck, I tried refusing but he was much stronger then me. I then felt him not there. I saw him fly to the ground.

"What are you doing touching and kissing my girlfriend?!" It was Harry freaking Styles. He called me his girlfriend. The guy just shrugged and squirmed away. Harry came up to me and took hold of my wrist and looked and then rubbed them.

"Are you alright?" I was in shock, just nodded.

"Thanks." He smirked.

"Anything for a beautiful girl like you." I smiled and stepped back a little.

"I`m Allison." I had to yell since the music was so load.

"Harry." He smiled and looked at me.

"Trust me I know who you are."


"Yeah, I`m going to your stadium tour in February."

"Nice, what tickets do you have?"

"The front row and backstage one."

"So I guess I`ll be seeing you few months down the road." He did that one thing were he looks at you and you just want to...melt. 

"Yeah, guess so."

"Hey, go get your friend from the bathroom, then you and her can come sit with me."

"Alright." He walked away and I pretty much galloped to  the bathroom for Evi, I told her what happened and we went back to Harry`s table. He was sitting there with another very good looking man. I sat next to Harry and Evi sat next to the other guy.


Harry leaned over to my ear and gentally set his lips on them.

"Would you like a drink?" I shivered from his touched and nodded. He got me an alcohlic beverage and then we 4 took a shot of vodka. I took one extra one and we went on the dance floor. I was in front of Harry, I had his hand in mine. I walked and turned around to him standing a foot or two away from each other. I started swaying my hips side to side. He walked up to me and put his hands on them, he swayed with me, kissing my neck, us being both intoxicated from the drinks. He reached my lips and started kissing them, he bit them. It felt like bee stings each time but I loved it. He put his hands everywhere. I then felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around. I saw the most terrible girl ever.. I went to school with her. Her name was Anna, rich, stuck up. 

"Hey!! Allison!"

"Anna, your drunk!"

"No I`m not! Don`t tell me that slut."

"Leave me be!" I turned around to Harry and put my hands on his shoulders and danced with him, I then felt Anna walk away mad. I turned my body around rested my arms on Harry`s shoulder`s and dancing on him obviously making him happy. 

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