When your so overwhelmed and your stronger than ever....

Just plus that with another person and it makes it even stronger.. But that isn`t always good..


2. 2`

I decided to go out with my best friend Evi, we were 18 so we can do a lot. I called her and she pretty much picked up.

"Hey babe, you doing anything?"

"Nope, why?"

"Come over, we`re going to the club."

"Alright, let me get my things and I`ll be off."

"Okay." I hung up and went to my shower and turned it on, cold water came out but quickly steaming water started to shot out of the shower head. I unclothed and stepped in hesitant to the hot water. I grabbed my razor and ran it over every area necessary, I washed my self then got out. 


I scavenged throughout my closet, trying to find a dress that was club material... Tight and short. I finally found a black strapless dress that came to high thigh with a pair of nude heels. Heel`s that could break your neck if you fell. I heard a knock on my door and Evi then walked in. She had wet hair and no makeup on. She was so damn beautiful. 

"Hi beautiful."

"Stop!." She said blushing. "I`m going to do my makeup and hair."

"I`ll be in shortly." She nodded and walked to my bathroom. I tossed my heels on the bed and grabbed my floor length mirror and set it on my bathroom wall. I stepped back and examined my very little clothed body.

"Evi, do I look bad?"

"You look hot!" I blushed and smiled then sat next to her.

"Thank you." I started to do my hair, I grabbed my hair dryer and then curled the long brown locks of mine. Next Evi curled her medium sized blonde locks. I did my makeup while she did that, the usual black smokey eye with golden sparkle on the eye lid. Typical club makeup. 

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