True Love

Caitlyn and Aimee run into two members of one direction what will happen? Will it be a happy ending? Or will the fame and fans get in the way of there love?


4. Niall's Secret

Aimee woke swiftly and quietly, she didn’t want to wake Niall. *Buzz* Niall’s phone buzzed softly displaying a message; Aimee could not help but look.

Are we meeting up again tonight? Hope so can’t wait!

Sarah XOXO

Aimee didn’t know what to think she went down stairs and began to cook breakfast. ‘Maybe I’m not the girl of his dreams, maybe he’s cheating on me’ Aimee thought to herself while cooking.

“Good morning beautiful, don’t worry about making me dinner tonight I have to go out” Niall said clearly still tired.

“Good morning, where are you going?” Aimee replied curiously

“Nowhere special, just going out I have some things I have to do” Niall replied calmly.

Aimee was upset; his answer had resurfaced her doubt that she was the girl of his dreams. She went back to cooking breakfast whilst Niall went to lounge on the sofa and watch television. She began to sob while serving breakfast for her and Niall.

“Breakfast is ready babe.” Aimee shouted from the kitchen trying to clean up her tears.

“Thank you; smells delicious” Niall said happily.


Niall was over at Sarah’s house asking her questions about how to propose. He and Aimee had been dating for a while and he wanted to prove to her that she had ‘stolen’ his heart and that she was the one for him. He wanted everything to be perfect he didn’t want to disappoint her. He decided that his friend Sarah was the best person to ask for advice since she was an event planner; therefore she would be able to help him make his proposal extra special and extremely perfect. Niall was happy to know that he could count on Sarah to help him with ideas. *Buzz* Niall checked his phone displaying a message from Aimee:

When are you coming home? I need you!

Xx Aimee

“Thank you Sarah. I have to go Aimee needs me” Niall said thankful but worried about Aimee.

“Ok I’ll keep working on the ideas and I’ll ring you. Hope Aimee is ok” Sarah replied.

“Me too. Ok talk soon.” Niall said while walking to the door.

When Niall returned home he found Aimee on the floor crying. He ran swiftly to her and fell to his knees.

“What’s wrong beautiful?” Niall ask softly with concern and demand.

“You left me, you’re going to leave me. I can’t live without you.

The next morning Niall rolled over and hugged Aimee.

"Aimee, I hope it's a little boy so I can show him how to treat a girl right. I love you !" Niall says not realizing that Aimee is still asleep.

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