True Love

Caitlyn and Aimee run into two members of one direction what will happen? Will it be a happy ending? Or will the fame and fans get in the way of there love?


3. Harry's Mistake

“I’ve had enough” Harry shouted angrily, hitting the wall hard.

Caitlyn winced; Harry stomped out of the bedroom and down the stairs to the lounge room. Caitlyn followed anxiously but worried about what he would do next. Harry kicked the side table and broke the lamp sitting on it. He continued to the kitchen, Caitlyn came to a halt, scared she slowly walked into the kitchen breathing heavily. Harry was kicking chairs and hitting the table, he knocked over a couple of glasses; growling as he done this.

“Why, Harry? You can’t do this to yourself” Caitlyn asked softly while walking over to him.

Harry had been drinking again trying to drown his sorrows. Caitlyn hated the fact that he had been getting hate mail she hated it, how could people be so mean she constantly thought. He had told her the other week about the messages; she was so angry and upset that she couldn’t stop them. Harry promised he wouldn’t drink to make his problems disappear but obviously he had broken his promise. Her fingers slowly reached out and touched his shoulder but it didn’t last long she pulled back when he turned sharply. She stepped back when he took a step towards her; she was afraid of what he would do. He was breathing heavily and his teeth were gritting hard together. His face softened and his breathing became lighter when he saw the fear in Caitlyn’s eyes. She stepped back again but hit the wall. He looked hurt when she did this; hurt that she was scared to let him touch her. Caitlyn squeezed her eyes closed as she turned her head away from Harry. She heard two small footsteps. Her tears escaped her closed eyes, she shook gasping in fear when she felt him kiss her neck. His arms wrapped around her waist pulling her into a calming and safe hug, his hair tickled her cheek.

“I’m so sorry” Harry sobbed apologetically. “The last thing I want is for you to leave me especially because you are afraid of me” he sniffled.

“Shh… people make mistakes” she whispered as she hugged Harry.

“You still love me?” He murmured making Caitlyn’s heart break.

“Yes, I love you so much. One little mistake won’t stop me from loving you!” she said reassuringly and kissed him softly on the lips.

“Baby, beautiful, are you sure you want to forgive me I broke my promise to you?” Harry whispered in Caitlyn’s ear.

“Yes, sweetie, I love you! You made a mistake, everyone makes mistakes!” Caitlyn said softly.

“I love you gorgeous” Harry replied before kissing her softly.

Harry couldn’t believe that Caitlyn could forgive him, every time he closed his eyes he could see the fear in Caitlyn’s eyes and the hurt he had caused her to feel. Caitlyn tried so hard to convince Harry that she had fully forgiven him and that he had to stop saying sorry because she already knew he was truly sorry. Harry kept apologising in as many ways as he could think of. After two months Caitlyn had managed to prove to him that he had made up for the hurt and fear he had made her feel. Harry felt relieved but still had his doubts; he loved Caitlyn so much that he never wanted her to feel that way ever again. Harry asked Caitlyn if he could come out and tell the ‘world’ that they were in a relationship because after six months of being together he knew that she was the one and he hoped that she felt the same. Although Caitlyn knew Harry was the one it took a lot of convincing to tell everyone as she hated having the paparazzi follow her around when she went out with Harry, ‘What will it be like after he tells them?’ she thought to herself and finally said that he could tell everyone about there relationship.

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