The Break-Up

Dami just broke up with her boyfriend of 5 years, Harry. They were high school lovebirds. Dami is devastated. But what happens when a boy named Niall comes into the picture? Niall was perfect, he has everything a girl could ask for. But, there is one problem, his girlfriend Carly. Will Niall help Dami forget about Harry? Will Niall break-up with Carly to be with Dami? Find out when you read, "The Break-Up" Enjoy.xx


2. Chapter 2.

Dami's POV.

I woke up the next morning with a pounding headache. I just wanted to lay around all day, but I couldn't because my friend Carly kept blowing up my phone. I picked up my phone and read her messages.

From Carly: Hey Dami! I'm having this crazy party, hope to see you there!!!

Ugh, Carly is the most two faced girl I've ever met. But she does throw some pretty crazy parties. And even though my head hurts I need to get my mind off Harry. Hopefully there will be a few cute guys. Not that I'd hook up with them but maybe talking to guys will show me it's better to be single. Hopefully. I picked up my phone and quickly responded.

To Carly: I'll be there! :)

I finally got out of bed and made myself a cup of tea. When I was little my mom would always make me tea to make me feel better. I sipped it slowly, making it last. When I suddenly got a text from my best friend Zayn. It's kind of funny that him and I are friends. He's more what you call 'dangerous' and I'm more innocent.

From Zayn: Hey Dami did ya get the invite to Carly's party?!?! Heard it's gonna be sick! You and Harry gonna go? xD

I read the message and sighed. Thinking about having to tell everyone at the party about what happened with Harry and I makes me not want to go. But I'm not gonna pass up an opportunity to see all my friends.

To Zayn: Hii! I am going! Idk about Harry though we got into it. So can you give me a ride? He took the car.

From Zayn: Of course! I'll be there at 2pm so we could spend the day together, and maybe get some lunch so you could talk to me about your guys' fight? If you'd like.

I read Zayn's message. He's honestly the best person in the world! He's so sweet and considerate.

To Zayn: THAT SOUNDS PERFECT! I'll be ready!! :D

I looked at the clock and it was already 1pm. I slept in late. I finished my tea and went through my drawers to see what I had that was clean. I haven't done laundry in a good week. I never had time with how much Harry and I were fighting. I had to find something that was good enough for a lunch date, and a party. So I wore my really tight skinny jeans. I mean I doubt I'll fit but it's all that's washed. And My Rolling Stones lose tank top with my push up bra. I don't have the biggest boobs. So I need all the help I could get.

I searched around for my black heals when I stumbled across a mirror and saw my messy hair! I quickly put on my heals and ran to the bathroom and straightened my long hair that goes to my elbow.

I heard my phone go off. I quickly answered assuming it was Zayn.

"Hello?" The familiar voice said. But it wasn't Zayn.

"H-Harry?" I say confused.

"Yes babe it's me. Look before you say anything I'm sorry about yesterday. I shouldn't have left but I needed some space-"

I cut him off. "SPACE?!! No Harry! Cause what happens when you need space again? Your just gonna leave again?"

"It's not like that. Look Dami, let me take you to lunch today. We can talk it out." He said.

"I have plans." I turn him down.

"Oh." He said confused.

"Mhm. Well I have to get ready. Buh- bye." I say.

"Bye, I love you." He says in a soothing tone.

"I-I have to go." I choke. I hung up quickly.

What just happened!? I love him. And miss him. But I can't tell him that! I snapped out of it. I realized I haven't even done my make up. I quickly did my make up. And heard a car horn. I left, locking the door behind me.

End of chapter 2

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