Nothing without You

Kayla has lived an un happy life. Her mother died in a shoot out. And her father died from drugover dose. She now lives with her grandparents. Now,with no role model, She finds herself diagnosed with Low-self-esteem. She has been bullied multiple times from 3rd grade to high school. Until Harry shows her who she really is and builds her confendnce back up.


3. Harry Styles

Kayla pov

 Lunch time was over so the next class we needed to go to was Chemistry. Seeing that i wasnt a fan of that subject, I usally goto the Library and just sit there, by myself. But today, I felt like i needed to go, for some odd reason. So I make my way up to Mr.Pupil's classroom and find a seat. We dont get to choose our  own partners. Mr.Pupil LOVES to see me alone and suffer. But I dont mind, seeing that im a loser. Next thing I know,While im walking , Harry comes and follows me. "Hey,Do you mind helping me find room number 308?" Harry says. "Not at all, im going to that same room. Just fllow me there." I say. We finally  make it there and sit. "Good evening students! Um...Harry, sit anywhere you want!" Mr.Pupil says. "How about the loser table"  Jason says. He's the one who bulliesme, and Harry i guess. Harry decides to sit by me. "What made you sit  by me?" I say"Your my friend,Not onlythat, but he said i can sit by anyone iwant."He says, smiling. There's something about his smile that makes me feel...Happy, That makes me want to smile. "Class, Today, we are goingto study Phosphorus and Iron and Copper carbon." Says the teacher. He passes out work that we have to do with partners. Of coures, Harry is my partner so we work and talk. But mostly talk. I feel like I can tell him anything. Even about my mother...I always hated my father. I wish I could tell him, but I dont trust anyone...Not even my adopted mother. I dont have the guts to tell him. "Harry

, Meet me in the park at 4 okay?" I whisper. "Sure" he says. 







I wait at the park until I see a Figure that looks like Harry. "Listen Harry, I-" I was cut off.

"Shh.No words just kiss." He says. We kissed, but it didnt feel magical. It felt like i was forced to kiss him.I tried to pull away but he got stronger and didnt let me go. "STOP-LET-ME..." Then he let me go. I quicklytried to look at him, but he went all blurry. "Hi Kayla!, Who was that,that kissed you?" Harry says. He really looked concerned,as if he really cared. Did he really care? Nah, no one cares about me. "What did you call me here for?"Harry says. "tsokay, you can go. Sorry forwasting your time." I start to storm off. He grabs my armand pullsme down. " Kayla,You are so pretty, how could you be a loser, with no friends?" He says. He just calledme omg, thatsa lie

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