Nothing without You

Kayla has lived an un happy life. Her mother died in a shoot out. And her father died from drugover dose. She now lives with her grandparents. Now,with no role model, She finds herself diagnosed with Low-self-esteem. She has been bullied multiple times from 3rd grade to high school. Until Harry shows her who she really is and builds her confendnce back up.


1. Chapter 1

Kayla's pov

              Youre ugly,youre stupid,youre ratchet,youre a loser.


These are the words that got me to believe that I was nothing. That nobody needs me. That no one, not one person would have a care in the world if I was dead right now, at this time. The school I go to, Lincoln Academy, wasnt any better. There 3/4 of the reason im like this. I wasnt always like this, beforemy parents died, I was a happy child. Listen to my past...




  "Kayla! Come on!youre going to be late for the baseball game! we have toget our seats!" My beautiful mother said. By that time, all i was doing was curling my curly brown locks putting eyeliner on and finding my converses. "Mother! Im done. lets get to steppin'!" We finally made it, pushing our way through the rough crowd. "This is amazing! thank you mom!" i say, pulling her into a hug. "Youre wel-" POW! there was a gun shot. By that time, i thought it was fire works. My mother started panicking, running with me. then, this gunshot was closer to me than before, i thought it hit me, so i faked being dead, so the gunner could leave. My mom, being the protective person she was, checked me. I winked, to let her know i was okay.. then one more gun shot. My mother was down. I cried, histericall. I ran for my life, finding shelter. I seen the gunman dragging my mom across the dead grass. i yelled,like a dummy, and was shot in my arm and i passed out...


"Kayla...Kayla? wake up." a nurse said. Was i dreaming? 

"Where...Where is my mommy?!" i say in a 10 year old voice, even though i was 14. "Your...Mommy....Is with..." she slowly said.

"She died?" i say

"Yes, sadly.I would be happy to adopt you." would you like that?" she says

"Yes...My father died alsoo..." 

"Okay. i will fill out some papers and you'll be adopted by me." 



~ Hey guys! I hope you know that this is a story, its not real. this has never happend to me.I know that the Descriptiion says Kayla lives with her grandparents, well i changed it. She is adopted by the Nurse. I WILL BE UPDATING  AGAIN SOON! thats a promise! i'll update now when im done writing this! BYE! ~

   -Mikki Malik!

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