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3. maya and louis prego?!?!

maya is a normal 18 year old and she has a boyfriend that is famous his name is louis tomlinson. maya and louis have been going out for a year and maya is still trying to get used of louis going on tour she always misses him like crazy.when louis is home she is so happy.but when he leaves again she is upset and some time louis just want to come back to her but she tells him not to he is famous what can he do to get out of that? she asked her that many times.maya was feeling really sick and she went to the doctor and the doctor told maya that she was pregnant she was thrilled but also nervous she was scare how she was going to tell louis.she finally told him that she was 3 months pregnant and he was upset he was to young to be a father what was he going to he left maya.maya was devistated she cried for many hour until her best friend madison came over and kept her calm.a week later louis texted maya saying if she can go to a fointain at the mall so they can work things out and she replies yes

louis:can you come to the fountain at the mall

Maya:yeah for what?
Louis:So we can talk thing out.

Maya:yeah sure

maya goes to the fountain and all the boys from one direction comes out and sings little things for her and louis wants to take her back and maya cries alot and takes him back 6 month later they had  a baby girl they didnt look for a name they didnt want to know the gender till the back came out and louis and maya wanted to be the best parents they can be 




Enjoy maya!!hope you liked it :)

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