One direction imagines ❤


2. elin and hazza

Elin is just a normal day she get out of work and she thinks it is a good idea to stop by starbucks to get a coffee not knowing she was going to see harry styles(hazza) harry sees her blue eyes and he falls  in love instantly .Elin already has her coffee she was going to walk out starbuck to head home her and harry into each other and elin love one direction and she recognizes him and she goes fan girling .harry tries to calm her down and she calmed down and harry finally asked her on a date nest Saturday he asked. Elin said yes.

-skips to Saturday-


Elin gets up and goes to the shower she blast her one direction music after she got out she got dressed and she was ready. harry picked her up at around 6 pm they go on a romantic date and harry and Elin love it!!after that happens all the boys form one direction and they sing more than this and afterward harry finally asked ellin to be his girlfriend and she said yeah







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