One direction imagines ❤


4. alex and niall

alex is an average 19 year old girls and she loves to go out on runs around her day she was running when she ran into her biggest crush ever Niall Horan from her favorite band ONE DIRECTION!!! she looked into his blue eyes and fell in love instanley. he said sorry and laughed. she gigled. he had to go to his house around the corner he told her maybe they can hangout sometime so he gave her his number and she gave him hers.that night niall texted her and said what are you doing tomorrow.she said nothing and he said maybe i can pick you up to go on a date she said yeah and he picked her up atg 8pm they went to nandos and he asked her to be his girlfriend and she said of course and a year later at the tmh tour he propsed to her on stage she was thrilled and of course she was going to say yes.she picked the perfect dress and they got married and only for member of one direction was able to sing at her wedding because niall couldnt because he got married and they dance and they still love each other to this day!! :)



hope you liked it alex:) i tried my best to make it romantic as much as i can lol thx

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