Give You Hell

Isabella Delgado, the girl who is living her life like hell. Justin Bieber, the guy who gives people hell. Isabella didn't think her life could be any worst until Justin came along.


1. I saw him

Isabella's POV It was a cold winter night in January. The cool breeze blowing on your face making you feel like your face was about to freeze off. I sat outside and enjoyed it, I like the cold winter nights. They make me so relaxed and comfortable. All of a sudden my phone rang, disturbing my peace. It was my best friend, Lana. "Hi." I answered "Bella, Bella ,Bella! Come over now please! Its urgent!" She was freaking out. "What, whats so important?" "My brother! I cant find him. He's not in the house, he got mad at me cuz I wouldn't let him play his stupid video games and he ran out the house. Please I've looked everywhere, I can't find him and its freezing outside. My parents are not home oh god they're gonna kill me!" "Alright, i'll be over in a bit" "Hurry!" I hung up and went inside to get the car keys. "Hey mom." She looked up at me. She was shit headed drunk. "What the fuck do you want!" I flinched at the tone in her voice. "C-can I borrow the car? Lana needs help finding her brother, he ran out" I stuttered. "Fuck off with your problems!" She yelled. I quickly grabbed the keys from the counter top, she saw me and looked at me with Devil eyes. I ran out of their as quickly as I could as she screamed out my name. I started to drive to Lana's house. Theirs no way in hell that i'm going back with my so called mother. I'll probably spend the night at Lana's house. I pulled up into her drive way and I saw he door was open. I went in. "Bella! Thank God that you're here! Please help me find him!" We ran out the door and we went separate ways. Behind her house she had a lot of trees, it could almost be a forest. I went there to try to find him. I heard a branch break. "Brandon? Brandon is that you? Please just come out and get home your sister is worried sick!" No answer. Ugh. Her brother is like 6 years old where could he have gone to? Then I remembered, they had a mini tree house nearby so I decided to look in there. I climbed up and guess what? There he was! "Brandon come on, we've got to get home your sister is so worried" "I-i cant go" He sounded frightened. "What do you mean?" "I mean I cant go. He-he told me to stay here" What was he talking about? "What? Who?" "I cant say. He said he will kill me if I say anything. I don't want to die. He told me to stay here." This is nonsense. "Brandon come on, let's get you home. Its freezing out here!" "There he is Bella, he- he's looking at us. He's looking at us." He whispered. I looked out their window and sure enough, there it was, or there HE was. It was a guy dressed in all black. He WAS looking at us. I couldn't get a clear look of his face but he was looking at us. I'm so calling the cops after this. He then walked away. "Come on Brandon, he's gone now. He wont hurt you. Come on now please, Lana said she'll let you play your video games for as long as you want." I tried comforting him. He finally decided to come out. We headed home and Lana was crying but angry. He played his video games and was as happy as can be. Me and Lana went up to her room. "I'm so telling mom and dad what he did!" She plopped down on the bed. "I'm so calling the cops." "What? For what?" She had her eyebrows scrunched up. "When I found Brandon he was scared cuz he said that someone was going to kill him, I told him who and he said he was looking at us and he was. I saw him. He was wearing all black but I couldn't get a clear look of his face" "He threatened to kill my brother? Oh hell no, call the police!" She was mad ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I woke up at around 1 am. I spent the night at Lana's and I went downstairs for some water. The first thing I noticed when I went down was that the door was wide open. How did that happen? I went to close it then I felt someone grab me. I tried to scream but they put a cloth on my mouth. "I'm going to have so much fun with you." Was the last thing I heard, then I passed out.
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