My Angel

Annabelle Grace never knew she was special. Yeah, she might've been pretty, but lots of girls are. Nothing ever really set her apart from anyone else, but on her sixteenth birthday her life takes a turn she could have never expected, and learns she is in fact quite extraordinary.


6. You're monsters..

Harry’s POV:

The door swings open and Liam grabs Annabelle by the arm and says, “You can come and see what happens when you make the same mistake twice. You should know there are consequences.”

Louis and I follow as well, because Liam left the door open and didn’t exactly say that we couldn’t come. The screaming from her mother continues until Liam calls, “We’ll be there in a second!”

Then the screams stop after one that somehow sounds even worse than the rest. Annabelle struggles to get out of Liam’s grip and shrieks, “What did they do to her!? What the hell is wrong with you all??? She didn’t do anythi-“

Liam opens a door and shoves her inside, saying, “See for yourself.”

I look across the room and see Megan lying on the floor, and I know that she’s dead without having to look much longer. Annabelle sprints over to her and kneels down at her side, sobbing. She shakes her, and tries to stop all the bleeding, but it’s no use. I hurry over to her and try to pull her away, but she thrashes in my arms and shrieks, “MOM! Mom please! Wake up, you have to wake up.”

I say, “Belle, Belle… Annabelle. Please calm down… don’t look, okay? It’ll only make you fee-“

She sobs, “Harry, please, you have to wake her up. Make her wake up, please!”

I look at her and say, “I’m so sorry Annabelle… There’s nothing I can do, she’s… she’s dead.”

Annabelle stands up shakily and goes over to where Liam and Zayn are standing with smug looks on their faces. She goes over to Zayn and slaps him right in the face. She screams, “You’re a monster!”

He looks furious, and says, “You had better watch it sugar, there’s more where that came from.”

She growls, “What? Are you going to kill my dad? The one you couldn’t stand the thought of us getting into contact with?? Guess what you asshole; he’s on his way, and he’s going to end your miserable, sick existence. What else can you do to me? She was all I had! Great job! You took everything I fucking had!”

He takes a step closer to her, making her step back. He says, “Your father won’t make it here in enough time to save you from anything we decide to do to you now. Do you really want to test me? Or do you want to be allowed some rest before we continue with you? Your mother was only a warning, and trust me, I don’t mind doing worse.”

She takes a step back, and Louis wraps an arm around her shoulder and starts walking her away before she can answer, saying, “We’ll just take her back to the room.”

Annabelle lets Louis pull her along, and Zayn calls after her, “Just remember, I could always take your precious guardian angel next Annabelle Grace…”

I glance at him before hurrying back to the room with Annabelle. Louis walks with us, and once we get there, I shut the door behind us and Annabelle just sinks down on the floor and cries into her hands. Louis goes over to the small fridge and gets her a water bottle and then an apple as well. He sets them next to her, and then we just let her cry for a while, assuming that she won’t want to hear anything that we have to say.

She doesn’t stop which I don’t blame her for, but at the same time, I want to be able to do something for her. Why did they have to do that? That’s not a punishment, that’s torture. Annabelle didn’t do anything that warranted them murdering her mother. I don’t know what I could say or do to help her though, I honestly don’t.

After a few hours, Annabelle falls asleep, and I move her over to her bed in the corner and tuck her in gently. I turn to Louis once I have her settled, and ask, “Do you really think that they’ll kill me..? I mean, before Jophiel gets here?”

He sighs, “I don’t even know Harry. I won’t just sit around and let them do something like that, and I think Jophiel probably won’t take too much longer, but at the same time, they went from kidnapping and experimenting on Annabelle to murdering her mother. I honestly can’t say honestly what exactly they’re capable of…”

I nod a little, and Louis says, “Try not to worry too much, alright Harry? We’ll worry about it if it seems like something’s wrong, yeah?”

I nod again, and lay down, ready to go to sleep. I try to clear my head of all the horrible thoughts Zayn’s comment caused, and close my eyes.

Annabelle’s POV:

In the morning, I’m woken by the door being thrown open, and Zayn saying, “Time to wake up sugar. We’ve got things to do before your stupid father gets here.”

Harry and Louis both nod at me a little, and Harry mouths ‘he’ll come soon’. I get up out of my bed slowly, and stretch a little before following Zayn out of the room. All I can think about is going in that room and finding my mom dead on the floor. Soon enough I have tears falling down my face, and I just can’t deal with this. They said they would kill Harry too, and I don’t even know how I would handle that when I’m already falling apart without my mom.

We finally come to a room where Niall and Liam are waiting, and there are all kinds of horrible looking weapons on the walls. There are knives, and what look like whips and other things like that. My eyes widen, and I hiccup a little. I try to back out of the room, but Zayn pinches the back of my neck harshly, and takes me over to a table and tells me to lie down. After I do that, the three of them strap me down quickly and I’m unable to move anymore.

Niall produces a needle, and sticks it in my upper arm. He looks at the others and says, “Give it ten minutes and then it’ll stay in her system for about twelve to fourteen hours.”

Liam nods, and I whimper, “What are you doing to me?”

He smirks, “You’ll see Annabelle. Now shhh..”

As they wait for whatever it is to take effect, I start to feel numb and tingly. My body feels heavy and like I can’t move it. My eyes fall closed, but I’m still awake. Everything feels like it’s far away, like I’m not really a part of it.

I hear Niall say, “You can untie her now, she’s not going anywhere.”

I feel hands and slight burning sensations around my ankles and wrists where they placed straps before. Now would be a great time to run if only I could will my eyes to open and then make my body move. I feel so weak right now, and I just want my dad to get here already because I’m scared of what they’ll do to me.

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