My Angel

Annabelle Grace never knew she was special. Yeah, she might've been pretty, but lots of girls are. Nothing ever really set her apart from anyone else, but on her sixteenth birthday her life takes a turn she could have never expected, and learns she is in fact quite extraordinary.


3. You'll stay either way

I look up and ask, “Daughter of whom? You know my dad?”
He laughs, “And articulate too.. and yes, I could tell you anything that you want to know about your father. I just need something in return from you.”
I ask, “What do you need from me?”
He shrugs, “I need you to sign this contract, saying that you’ll remain here with us and let us use your blood and powers freely.”

Annabelle’s POV:

My eyes widen, and I stare at him, mouth hanging open. What? They want to take my blood? What the hell? And powers? I don’t have any powers! This is insane. I plead, “Just tell me about my father, please!”

He shakes his head, “Sign first.”

I say, “But I don’t have any powers at all. I can’t even get an ‘A’ in high school gym! You have the wrong person, and I’m really sorry to have wasted your time, but I have to go home… I think you’re looking for someone else.”

I turn to leave, but the dark haired man grabs my upper arm, making it burn. I cry out in pain, and yank my arm out of his grip, which ruins my balance, and I fall onto the ground. He growls, “Get up and sign the paper, or there’s more where that came from.”

I shake my head a little and start to crawl away, desperate to escape them. The one who was talking to me before walks over so he’s standing above me and says, “Now, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. If you sign the paper and do this the easy way, we can sit here and have a nice little chat about your father before we send you back to your room and maybe let you adjust a bit before doing anything too serious. If you don’t sign the paper, I promise I’ll do everything in my power to keep you from seeing your father, and we’ll use you and keep you here against your will. You can choose.”

I say, “Y-you can’t just make me stay here! You can’t just kidnap people and then treat them like a lab rat or some… some experiment!”

He laughs, “Oh, Annabelle Grace, you’re not a person technically speaking, so none of what you just said applies to you.”

I ask, “What the hell do you mean? Of course I’m a person you idiot! Let me go! I’m not staying here!”

I get up and try to run again, but he grabs both of my arms in a tight, burning grip, and says, “I guess we’ll do this the hard way then.”

I struggle in his grasp, and say, “St-stop! That hurts. Ouch, please! That burns!”

He just chuckles, “You already had your chance Annabelle Grace.”

I growl, “Stop calling me that! Stop talking to me!”

He doesn’t say anything, just drags me out of the one room and into another where he picks me up and puts me on a table before taking my sweater and then telling me to take my shoes, socks, and jeans off. I look up at him with a worried and confused expression, but he just growls, “Now.”

I do what he says, and then sit on the table again. The blonde man walks in, and the other says, “Just check and see if she has any abnormalities that could possibly attributed to her… condition, alright Niall?”

He nods, “Sure thing Liam.”

Okay, so I know two of their names now.. Then I also know Louis and Harry, who are apparently on my side. Liam walks out of the room, leaving Niall to whatever his job is. He basically looks over me, like a doctor’s check-up or something. Then he tells me to lay down on my stomach, and feels down my back on either side of my back, right where my two birth marks are. They’re kind of like short lines on my upper back.

Once he finishes that, he pinches the backs of both of my ankles, soft enough that if his touch didn’t burn me, it wouldn’t hurt at all. Then he tells me I can sit again, and actually asks if I have any birthmarks or things of that nature. I tell him about the two on my back, which he tells me to take off my tank top so he can look at them. After that, I decide not to mention the one on my chest, because showing him would require taking my bra off.

After that, he goes over to a cabinet and gets a piece of dark red fabric, which I later realize is a dress. He hands it to me and helps me into it since it’s a bit confusing. It feels like silk, and is smooth against my skin. He also gives me sandals to wear that go up to my knees, and also puts a gold choker around my neck and cuffs around my wrists before he says, “Now let’s get you back to the room then.”

I follow him quickly, hoping none of them have to touch me again, and then when we reach the room Louis, Harry and I are all staying in apparently, he opens the door and gives me a little shove inside. He looks at the guys, and says, “Make sure you feed her.”

Then the door is slammed shut and Harry asks, “Are you alright Annabelle?”

I ask, “Can you call me something else please?”

He nods and asks, “Is Belle okay?”

I nod a little, and say, “Thanks, I just.. Annabelle sounds so formal.”

He nods, and then I ask, “So, do you know who my father is? Do you actually know who he is like you told my mom and me earlier?”

He nods a little, and says, “Yes, your father… he’s an archangel, so uhm, yeah. His name is Jophiel…”

I ask, “W-what? That’s insane… No, that’s crazy..”

Louis says, “That’s why Liam said that you weren’t technically human. You’re half angel, also why you would have ‘powers’ so to speak.”

This is all so strange, and I mean, I think they’re telling the truth and that I can trust them, but how the hell can I be half angel? Or have powers? This is truly insane! Is that why I’ve never met my dad? Wait, then what are the people keeping us here? Obviously they can’t just be human if they’re keeping to angels here as prisoners and making them do their dirty work. I ask them just that, and Louis says, “They’re fallen angels. Basically evil. So yeah…”

My eyes widen, and I ask, “Is that why their eyes are red?”

Harry nods, “It’s also why it burns when they touch you.”

I ask, “What do they want from me?”

Harry says, “They, uhm, they want to use you to learn more about angels and use your powers.. They also want to try and get Jophiel to give them something for your freedom eventually..”

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