My Angel

Annabelle Grace never knew she was special. Yeah, she might've been pretty, but lots of girls are. Nothing ever really set her apart from anyone else, but on her sixteenth birthday her life takes a turn she could have never expected, and learns she is in fact quite extraordinary.


4. Wings

~~Annabelle’s POV:

Harry and Louis talked to me for a long time about my dad and what it really means that I’m half-angel. Harry even showed me his wings, which were huge! They went up taller than him, and then down to his calf. All I could do was just stare in awe. I mean, what do you even say to a pair of real actual angel wings? 

Louis told me that I should have a pair of wings too, but they’ll be much smaller, and usually when angels have children, they make sure to keep them hidden. He said the way to make them appear is through a procedure kind of like surgery that makes a cut up by the shoulder blades on each side and then ‘summoning’ them out whatever that means. The spot he indicated to was exactly the same spot as where my birthmarks are… huh, I guess that’s what those are from.

When they finally started telling me more about my dad, and how he hand-picked Harry to be my guardian angel, Harry says, “I’m really sorry I couldn’t protect you from this Belle, I really tried, but I just couldn’t get out of it. The-“

Louis cuts them off, saying, “You know you’ve done a lot of things for her Harry, and Jophiel was right to pick you. Some things are just beyond you, hell, they’re beyond me too Harry!”

I ask quietly, “Does my dad know about all of this? Wouldn’t he help?”

Louis says, “Neither Harry or I have been able to get in touch with him. We were talking earlier though, and think that you might be able to get through to him…”

I ask, “Why do you think that? He’s never even met me! He won’t listen to me! Do you know how many times I’ve wished to just meet him?”

Harry mumbles, “Well over a million I’d say. Give or take.”

I look at him and he shrugs, “I’m your guardian angel, these are the kinds of things I know.”

Louis says, “Never mind that. Listen to me, if you’re in trouble, which you are, and try to contact him, it’ll be much louder. And, still technically being a child makes it even easier for you. We just want you to try…”

I nod a little and ask, “What am I supposed to do then?”

Louis opens his mouth, but the door opens and Zayn comes in. He growls, “Do you all think we’re idiots? That you could just get her to summon her father? You’re insane if you thought that would work, and I suppose this means we’ll have to make sure you don’t try again. Come on sugar, come with me.”

My eyes widen, and I hide behind Harry and beg him, “Please don’t let him take me. Please..!”

Harry says, “Don’t punish her. It was our idea; she didn’t make the plan for this.”

Zayn says seriously, “She either comes with me now and might be able to join you all again later, or I take her by force, and you don’t see her again. At least alive anyways. You might want to think about what your job is. Aren’t you supposed to do what’s best for her safety?”

Harry sighs, and turns to me, “Belle, I need you to go with Zayn, okay? I’ll see you later, and it’ll be alright, yeah?”

I shake my head, “He’s going to hurt me! I don’t want him to touch me!”

Harry says, “Please listen to me, he’s going to do worse if he has to come over here and get you. Please go with him before it comes to that.”

I squeeze my eyes shut, feeling tears coming on, and nod a little, “O-okay.”

He walks me over to Zayn, who grabs my arm, making it burn, and I let my tears fall. He pulls me out of the room, and down the hall. He finally stops in front of a door and opens it. I see a room with a large, four-poster bed, and Zayn shoves me inside, saying, “You’ll be in here until we need you later. I’d suggest getting some sleep, you’re going to need it.”

He shuts and locks the door, and I walk over to the bed. I lay down on it, and pull the blankets around myself. I just lay there for a moment before whispering quietly, “Daddy, please help me. Harry and Louis are trying, but I need you. They need you too. Please daddy. Please.”

After that, I let myself fall asleep, hoping that he heard me somehow, and that he’ll come and save us. I don’t like being here, and I just want to be able to leave and go home or just anywhere but here.


I wake up to a burning feeling on my shoulder. I open my eyes and see Zayn. He says, “Get up. We have things to get done today. Maybe if you’re good you can go back to Harry and Louis after Niall’s finished.”

I nod a little, not wanting to be alone, and get up. I follow him to the room where I met Niall before, and he leaves me there, saying, “You’ll need to take off the dress and then lie down on your stomach. Niall will be in after a few minutes.”

He closes the door, and I do what he told me to, and wonder what’s going to happen? What is Niall going to do to me? When the door opens again, Niall and Liam walk in, and Niall gets some things out from cabinets before asking, “So, would you like to see what your wings look like Annabelle?”

I look at him with wide eyes and ask, “Wh-what?”

He says, “Just relax, it’ll make things easier for Liam later.”

They both work to quickly strap my arms and legs down, and then Niall says, “Alright, it might sting a bit, but remain calm, understand?”

He takes a scalpel, and after he undoes my bra in the back, I feel the pressure from the blade on my shoulder blade. I can feel the skin break, and scream. I shriek and cry and try to get out of the restraints, but it’s no use. I’m too weak, and all I manage to do is make both of them irritated with me. Niall continues on, and after the first incision, he starts on a second one. Liam tells me to be quiet, or else I can stay alone again for the rest of the day and tonight, and so I try my best to quiet down.

Once Niall finishes, Liam starts saying things in what sounds like another language. He keeps talking for a few minutes, and then I feel his hands on the cuts, and they burn worse than anything before. It starts to feel awful, like my bones are shifting around then like the cuts are stretching and something is ripping out of my back. It hurts, and is more than I can bear. I can’t help the scream that rips its way through my throat, and then everything goes black.

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