My Angel

Annabelle Grace never knew she was special. Yeah, she might've been pretty, but lots of girls are. Nothing ever really set her apart from anyone else, but on her sixteenth birthday her life takes a turn she could have never expected, and learns she is in fact quite extraordinary.


9. Let's have a talk

~~Harry’s POV:

Annabelle sleeps in late the next morning, and after we’ve all eaten breakfast, Jophiel says to me, “Harry, let’s go talk some, alright?”

Louis snickers, and I nod a little bit before following him into the study. He sits down behind his desk and I sit in the chair on the other side. I sit up straight, and try to make myself look as respectable as possible so that he’ll trust me and not completely change his mind about how he feels about me being around his daughter, his only daughter.

He looks at me and says, “Alright Harry, I’m just going to be honest with you. If you hurt my daughter, you’ll regret it. You can’t even imagine how much you’ll regret it. Understand? I’m not saying by any stretch that you two have to stay together forever or anything, but if you do something stupid that hurts her, you’ll deal with me. Alright?”

I nod a little, “Uhm, yeah. I understand… I just, Jophiel, I would never hurt her. I’ve spent my entire life doing everything I possibly can to make sure no one can hurt her, and I don’t plan to stop now. I promise. I just want her to be happy and safe and be able to do whatever it is she wants to. Really. I swear.”

He nods, “Good, I trust you Harry. I just want to make sure you don’t take the fact that I’m angel for granted, because if you hurt my daughter, I might not act like one.”

I nod a little, and say, “I would rather not see you like that, so uhm, possibly for that reason alone, I promise to behave myself.”

He chuckles and stand up from his chair, walks around the desk and pats me on the back, “Good to hear Harry, now get out of here and make sure you tell Louis I read you the riot act, okay?”

I laugh, “Sounds like a plan.”

He shakes my hand, and then I get up and leave the room. Louis is in the den, reading a book. I sit down next to him and sigh. He asks, “So, it was rough?”

I nod a little, “I don’t know if I can actually do this. I mean, yeah, Annabelle’s cute, and she’s fun to be around, but I don’t know if it’s worth her dad… you know? I ju-“

I’m cut off from my acting when I hear a sniffle from over by the door, and then when I turn around, I don’t see anything, but hear what must be Annabelle running away. I get up quickly and follow her down the hall, slipping into her room before she can close the door. I say, “Hey, Belle… look at me, please…”

She shakes her head and climbs into her bed, pulling the covers over her head.  I sigh, and curse myself mentally for agreeing to mess with Louis. Why did we think it was a good idea to joke around when Annabelle might walk in any minute? I sit down on the edge of the bed and say, “Annabelle, I didn’t mean what I said at all. I was only joking with Louis because he kept on telling me how Jophiel was going to be a hard ass about things between the two of us… Your dad told me after we talked to make Louis think it was awful. It wasn’t though. It was fine, and I was actually really relieved. If anything, it made me feel better about something happening between us.”

She stays quiet for a while, and doesn’t move under the covers either. I’m about to start talking again, but then both Louis and Jophiel burst into the room and at that same time I start feeling light-headed and dizzy. I open my mouth to ask what’s going on, but everything feels so far away and I can’t hear what the two of them are saying. What’s happening?

I somewhat feel someone lifting me up, but then it’s all black.


Annabelle’s POV:

I groan as soon as I wake up, even before I open my eyes or even stretch out a little. My whole body feels hot, and my skin feels how it did after they would touch me. Am I back with Liam, Zayn, and Niall? I whimper at the thought, but then sit up and open my eyes quickly before throwing up in a trash can right beside the bed I’m in.

When I look down at it, I see that I just threw up blood. I feel tears in my eyes, and look around the room. Harry’s asleep in a bed next to mine with an oxygen mask over his face. What’s going on?

I look down at my arm and see that I’ve got an IV in it. Where’s my dad? What about Louis? Are they okay? I honestly can’t even remember what happened. One minute I was listening to Harry explain something to me about how he was talking to my dad, and the next, I’m here.

I’m about to get out of the bed and find out what’s going on, but then a man walks into the room. He’s tall with dark hair and bright eyes. He says, “Ah, you’re awake. That’s good.”

I ask, “Uhm… what happened? Where are my dad and Louis?”

He says, “Well, we’re pretty positive it must’ve been Niall who actually did it, but one of them put basically like a teeny tiny bomb inside of you, and when it opened up, all kinds of poison and toxins were all around inside your body. We’re in the process of getting all of them out, and you’ll be just fine though. “

I ask, “What’s wrong with Harry then?”

He says, “Oh, he’ll probably wake up soon. He probably passed out probably because he was so close to you when the little container opened up inside of you, and also because the fact that you were being poisoned all of the sudden overwhelmed him. He’s fine, really.”

I ask, “Where are my father and Louis?”

He says, “They’re just in the other room, I can go get them if you like.”

I nod a little, “Can you please?”

He nods, and then comes back a minute later with the two of them. My father smiles at me and says, “Thank you Raphael, really.”

The man, Raphael, nods, and says, “No problem, you can take them back to your home whenever Harry wakes up. Oh, and it was nice to meet you Annabelle.”

I nod a little, “You too.. thank you.”

He shrugs, “No problem, really, it’s kind of my job.”

My dad thanks him as well, and then we all turn and look at Harry when we hear him groan.  He moves on the bed and then opens his eyes before taking the oxygen mask off. Raphael chuckles a bit, “I guess you all can head out whenever you like then.”

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