My Angel

Annabelle Grace never knew she was special. Yeah, she might've been pretty, but lots of girls are. Nothing ever really set her apart from anyone else, but on her sixteenth birthday her life takes a turn she could have never expected, and learns she is in fact quite extraordinary.


8. Dad...

~~Annabelle’s POV:

I can’t even believe that I’m finally meeting him. Did he really come and save us? Is that why we aren’t there anymore? Wait, speaking of that, where are we? Is this his house? I thought he was an angel, wouldn’t that mean that he lives in heaven? Or is that not an actual thing, like do angels just live on earth instead? Or maybe heaven looks scarily similar to earth… I don’t even know.

I have so many questions flying around in my head, and I don’t even know which ones to ask first. I mean, it’s my dad. I’m finally meeting him, and I look like him, and he’s right here, no more than five feet away from me. Oh my gosh.

I open my mouth to say something, but nothing comes out. Finally, he stands from his spot on the couch and smiles at me. He opens his arms for a hug and says, “Hello Annabelle, I’m so-“

I hurry over to him as quickly as my tired, aching body will allow, and cut him off with a huge hug, saying, “I love you so much dad, I always just wanted to meet you and now you’re here and we can be together, and I can talk to you and we can hang out together and… oh my gosh, I just can’t believe that you’re here!”

He smiles and kisses the top of my head, “I’m sorry that I couldn’t be in your life before. I just wanted you to be safe from harm, and I wanted your mother to stay safe as well if it was possible.”

I look up at him, and remembering what happened to my mom, my eyes fill with tears and I say quietly, “They… they killed her. It was my entire fault and I’m so sorry… They told me not to try and talk to you and ask you to come, but I did, and then you heard me and they got so angry dad… I’m sorry; I didn’t know they would kill her!”

He shakes his head and wipes my tears away, saying, “Hey, listen to me Annabelle Grace, yeah? What happened is not your fault. It’s not anyone’s fault besides Zayn, Liam, and Niall. They’re the ones who did it, and you couldn’t have stopped them. They’re demons honey; they prey on innocent people like you and your mother. Okay? Please don’t blame yourself. Please.”

I nod a little, and hug him once again, burying my face in his chest. After a while, he pulls back again and asks, “How are you feeling?”

I say, “My head and my chest hurt… and I just feel tired and achy I guess.”

He nods, and then whispers a few things that sound foreign to my ears, and then I feel the pain lessen just a little. He kisses my forehead and says, “I can’t really take it all away and make you feel better, but that should take the edge off, okay?”

I nod a little, and thank him before going to sit down on the couch. I sit between my dad and Harry, whose shoulder I lean on. I look up at him and ask, “Are you okay? And what about you Louis? They didn’t hurt you all, did they?”

Harry shakes his head and says, “Now that you’re okay and safe, I’m perfectly fine.”

I nod a little, blushing, and Louis agrees with Harry, “I’m a-o-k love, thank you for asking.”

I smile, and then my stomach growls a little, causing my dad to get up and say, “I’ll go grab you something to eat, how does some soup sound?”

I say, “Sounds perfect to me.”

He nods, and gets up from the couch, and leaves the room to make me some food. I stay on the couch with Harry, and we try to pick something to watch on the TV while we’re waiting. We end up choosing to watch Lady and the Tramp on Disney Channel, and I just get comfortable with Harry. I grab a blanket from the back of the couch, and then a little later I move so that my feet are on the couch and my head is lying on Harry’s chest.

About halfway through the movie, my dad comes back in with a bowl of soup for me, and a glass of water. I eat it quickly, not realizing I was half as hungry as I really was. I hurry and put my dishes away once I finish, and then we all watch until the movie finishes, and after that Beauty and the Beast comes on too.

Harry’s POV:

When the credits roll for Beauty and the Beast, Annabelle is sound asleep again. Her head is on my chest, and she looks so relaxed and peaceful. Another movie starts, Aladdin I believe. Her dad just turns the TV down and says, “I knew I was right to pick you Harry.”

I look up at him, and ask, “What?”

He just shrugs, “I knew you were the right person to be her guardian angel, and I knew if you ever met, you two would get on well. I didn’t know it would be this well, but we can discuss that at length later.”

I nod a little, looking away. He’s right; Annabelle and I do get on well, very well. I just don’t want him to think that I would take advantage of that or do anything she didn’t feel comfortable with or anything like that at all. I mean, she’s beautiful, and she’s always been so sweet and innocent. She’s amazing honestly, and anyone would be lucky to be even just friends with her.

He laughs a little and says, “Don’t worry too much Harry, I trust you around her, but that doesn’t mean I don’t need to have a good talk and sufficiently threaten you. She’s my only daughter after all.”

Louis chuckles, and I glare at him a little. He just shrugs, and smirks a little. Dammit, I’m never going to hear the end of this from him. We’re all quiet and Jophiel gets up from his seat, and stretches a bit. He says, “Alright, well I’m off to bed. You two can stay out here for as long as you’d like, but can you make sure Annabelle makes it to her bedroom?”

I nod a little, and he says, “Thanks, see you all in the morning.”

We both say goodnight, and then Louis and I hang out and just talk for an hour so. He jokes about how Jophiel is going to kill me and our talk will be awful, but I know he’s giving me a hard time. Jophiel just wants to make sure nothing else happens to Annabelle. It doesn’t make me any less nervous knowing that, but I know he isn’t going to be a jerk or anything like that. That’s just not Jophiel.

When we go to bed, I carry Annabelle to her room and tuck her into the bed gently. I try my hardest not to wake her up, but she wakes up a little and asks, “Harry?”

I say, “Yeah?”

She looks confused, and then just shakes her head, “Never mind,” and goes back to sleep.

I laugh a little to myself and then kiss her forehead softly and say, “Goodnight, sleep well Belle.”

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