Something Great

Alanna was a tough girl. She barely trusted anyone, and rarely cared for others. All beside her sister and best friend. When she becomes lost in the big city of London, she's found and taken in by a curly haired boy that wants nothing more than to become Alanna's friend.

Will the both of them have their hearts broken? Or will this lead to something great?


1. Alanna Morgan

 "Alanna! Come on! You have to drive me to school!" A small voice pleaded in my ear. I looked over to see my little eight year old sister, Evelyn, pouting at me. She was fully dressed with her backpack hanging on her shoulders, while I was still in pajamas laying in bed.

 I looked at the clock, squinting my eyes, and nearly threw off the comforter laying on top of me. It was 7:50 AM. And school started in ten minutes.

 Rushing out of bed, I decided to just leave my pajamas on as I grabbed my keys and phone off of the dresser beside my bed. Evelyn watched me with amusement as I scrambled to tug a coat on. Not bothering to brush my long, dip-dyed hair, I grabbed her small hand and practically dragged her out the front door. The drive to school was fifteen minutes long, so Evelyn would get to school about five minutes late. 

 I put on my seat belt, as Evelyn did the same in the backseat, and started my BMW.

 I was apologizing to my little sister the whole drive, but she only giggled.

 When we finally pulled up to the school drop off, I was surprised to see a bunch of kids playing on the playground, trying to pass the time until the bell rang for them to head to class. I looked in the back seat to find Evelyn trying to stifle her laughs.

 "What did you do?" I glared at her accusingly, but she only giggled more.

 "Evelyn Marie Morgan, if you don't tell me what you did you'll be walking to school for the rest of your life." I threatened. She stopped laughing at that point, even though she knew I wouldn't do that to her. She looked down at her lap while playing with her fingers.

 "I set your clock ahead. I knew you were going to sleep in so I set your clock ahead by twenty minutes. Sorry." Evelyn's voice is quiet as she apologizes, and I know I can't stay mad at her.

 I give her a smile as she looks up. "Don't worry about it. I'll pick you up when school's out okay? Bye squirt."

 She grins at her nickname, and hops out of the car. I sigh at the realization that I'll have to go home and do a bunch of hard equations and science assessments.

 I had graduated high school about a year ago, and it was my freshman year in college. I took online classes at home, so I could take care of Evelyn while still getting my degree.

 My parents had abandoned us at least three years ago. Which meant I had to step up and get a job so I could support Evelyn and I. Our grandparents and other "close" relatives sent us money every few months so we could pay the bills to our house, but they never visit. They knew our parents had left us, but they didn't want to take in two more mouths to feed. Great family huh?

 As I drove home, I received a call from my best friend Isabella. Pressing the answer button I put the call on speaker.

 "Hey Alanna! Are you busy?" Her voice came through the receiver a bit loud, and I winced.

 "Is there any reason you're yelling?"

 "Sorry. Just answer the question."

 "I was going to go home and take my science exams. Why?" Isabella was always bored, so I'm assuming that she just wanted me to do something with her. 

 "Oh. Well I guess I'll just occupy myself. All alone..." She sighed dramatically. I rolled my eyes.

 "I never said that I wouldn't do something with you. How about we get Nandos and eat at Victoria Tower Gardens."

 "Will you pay?"

 "I guess."

 "Well then.. I suppose I can bless you with my presence." Again I rolled my eyes, but with a smile on my face. Isabella had been my best friend since middle school. She was the only person that I was close to besides Evelyn. Everyone else that met me, I gave the cold shoulder. If they got on my nerves I would say a few harsh words and that usually happened a lot considering I had a short temper.

 After saying our goodbyes we hung up as I pulled into the driveway of my house. The authorities found out our parents had abandoned us a month or two after I graduated high school, so it was a little too late to send us to an adoption center. I was a legal adult, and was now registered as Evelyn's guardian. After contacting my parents they agreed to leave the house in my name with no fight.

 Apparently they had already bought another house on the other side of London, so they didn't mind if we had the old one. As long as we were out of their life.

 The Morgan family was surprisingly rich, so there was no reason to put up a fight over property.

 I walked into the house, sighing in relief as I took off my uncomfortable shoes. I'll have to buy some more soon.

 I made my way to my bathroom upstairs to prepare myself to go out. When I got there I placed my iphone into the dock and hit shuffle. Immediately 'Alone Together' by Fall Out Boy began to play. I began to brush through my brown dip-dyed locks. After doing normal morning things I changed from my pajamas to a grey pullover with the word 'love' printed on it in pink. I slipped on some skinny jeans and a black beanie then went downstairs to put on my grey boots.

 I grabbed all of my things and headed towards the car.

 For some weird reason I decided to take a different street to Nandos instead of the normal route I usually take. 

 Driving down the streets of London was always boring to me, but I had my radio playing so it wasn't that bad.

 Since this was a different route, I thought that I should turn on my navigator just so I wouldn't get lost, but when I opened the GPS on my phone it wouldn't calculate. I tried again and again, but it was to no avail. So now, I'm lost in this huge city with no idea where I am and with no idea how to get home.

 As I continued to drive, growing a little panicked, I noticed a line of houses to my right. I could ask for directions. I turned the corner, and parked at the curb and exited my car. As I walked across the street I heard a horn blare, and tires screech.

 Before I even considered what was happening, I felt a wave of pain shoot through my left side, and everything went dark.


This is only a prologue I guess. I won't continue if nobody likes it, so tell me what you think in the comments! Thanks for reading! (I also didn't edit this...yikes.) 

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