The Chase

Do opposites attract? Find out when badass Harry meets normal Chloe. Things change fast in college don't they? ;)


9. Chapter 9

Harry's POV

Holy shit. I've never seen Chloe so mad before. I didn't even think it was possible for her to be that mad. She's so little, how could she possibly get that enraged? Well, at least she's not just mad at me. That jackass Nick is on her shitlist too. Speaking of him, why the hell is he still here?

"What the hell are you looking at dipshit?" I say to him. That kid is really starting to piss me off. I don't care what he has against me, that's his own problem. But if he tries to keep me from Chloe I will end him. He steps closer to me. Is he starting the fight now?

"I'm looking at the biggest dumbass in the world obviously!" He said to me. He goes on in a rant. "Go find some dumb blonde to taunt with and shit, but stay away from Chloe. I'm not going to let another boy like you come in her life. Not after last time. So you stay the hell away from her" he continued. Wait what? Last time? What happenned last time? Great, now I have to know what happenned to Chloe to make this ass so protective over her.

He starts to walk away before I grab his arm and turn him around. I figured Chloe wouldn't be too happy if I knocked out this well-deserving kid, so I decided to be a little less brutal. I grab the collar of his shirt with both my hands and bring him close to my face so he can hear me. "If you ever try to stop Chloe from talking to me again, I will do more than get your sorry ass kicked out of class. " With that I threw him back, letting him land hard on the floor. I walked away before he could even get up.

What the hell am I supposed to do about Chloe? Am I just supposed to let her throw her little fit? I don't know. Ugh why do I have to like this chick so much?? In reality I shouldn't even like her. She's nosey, annoying, and just a tiny quiet person. But I can't help but to like her.

Chloe's POV

As soon as I reach my dorm I slam my door shut and literally throw myself on the bed. I start to scream into the pillow before I feel a hand om my shoulder. I whip my head around, glad to find that the person is Alex. God I've missed her so much. I throw myself into her arms. Squeezing her nearly to death

"Woah woah, calm down Chloe. What the hell happenned when I was gone" she said to me. I pulled back from out hug, wiped my tears of anger, took a deep breath, and told her. Told her everything. Told her about the first time in Harry's room, his confession to me in class, him taking care of me when I was sick, him almost fighting Nick today, us all getting kicked out if class. Everything. Like the good friend that she is, she sat there and listened to every word I said, smiling at the cute parts, scrunching her face at the awful parts, and by the end of the story the first thing she had to say was

"A lot of that was about Harry......"

Holy shit she's right. Literally almost everything I told her was about Harry. Hell, the whole damn thing was about Harry.

At least I felt better after telling her. I was more relaxed, but so tired. However my anger within me had not yet subsided.

"I've missed you so much" I finally tell Alex

"I've missed you too girl, and obviously all the cool shit happens when I'm gone anyways" she jokes.

"Well I don't like when you're gone" I joke back to her

"Aweee I love you chlo bo. But unfortunately I do have to go for tonight. My luggage was lost on our flight back so I have to go to thr airport to help identify it. I'm just going to crash at my parents then tonight, but I'll be back tommorrow. Promise"

"Ok I'm probably just going to sleep anyway. Have fun at the airport I guess hahaha" I told her

"Oh yea time of my life" she laughed as she walked out.

And once again I am left on my own, a prisoner in my own mind that only seems to think about Harry. I throw on some sweats and lay down on my bed, waiting for sleep to envelop me.

Right as I was on the verge of a deep slumber there was a knock on my door. I pretended I didn't hear and tried to go to sleep, except there was another knock. And another. Ok now I'm just pissed off. I get off the bed and fling the door open to see none other than The Harold Styles himself. I just look at him, anger clearly on my face.

"Chloe, um sorry about class today" he says to me. That's it? Thats all he really has to say to me? This kid must be dumb.

"Chloe? Did you hear me?" He says when I didn't respond to him.

"Goddamit Chloe just say something!" He said getting annoyed

"OK HOW ABOUT I SAY THIS" I scream as my hand flies up and smacks him in his beautiful face. Oh, but I don't stop there. By this point my anger has completely taken over me and I'm going psycho. I push him back, all the way to the wall in the hallway, and start hitting his chest repeatedly. I don't stop until my wrists are grabbed and pulled away from him and held together. Still i don't give up. He wants to grab my wrists? Fine, I'll use my legs. I start kicking him in his shins, taking turns with each leg until I am pulled over Harry's shoulder and carried to my room, me still trying to beat my feelings on Harry. He closed the door and set me on the floor, grabbing my arms again so I couldn't hit him. I struggled in his grip, trying to use the last of my energy to pumble him. Evenetually I tire myself out and my emotions take over me and I just collapse into Harry's chest, crying yet again.

"I.. I -I hate you so much" I say to him.

He shushes me and strokes my hair trying to calm me down.

"I've noticed that Ms. Chloe" he said to me.

"You can't just come into my life and make me like you and then get me kicked out of class and make me crazy. You make me crazy. Crazy in general, and crazy about you. It's not fair, so just stop" I sobbed to him.

He lifted my chin up so I was facing him, and put his hand up to my face, wipimg away my tears with his thumb.

"Is that really how you feel?" He asked me seriously.

"Ye-yes" I said. I finally let it all out. He knows now.

Without another word Harry leans down and connects his lips with mine. It's a gentle kiss, and I melt into it. Electricity ignites throughout my body as our lips move in sync. It is one of the most satisfying things I have ever experienced in my life.

All too soon he pulls away, letting go of me completely.

"Well, now you know how I feel" he says to me. He turns to the door and starts walking out.

"I'm still mad at you you know" I say to him, voice a little shaky from that kiss.

Right before he closes the door behind him, he turns his head and says "I guess I'll have to make it up to you then" He winks and shuts the door, a smirk on his face. And then he was gone.

How is he just going to leave me with that kiss? Weirdly enough, I want more. I want more of Harry.......

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