The Chase

Do opposites attract? Find out when badass Harry meets normal Chloe. Things change fast in college don't they? ;)


8. Chapter 8

Chloe's POV

I woke up for the second time today on Harry's chest, however this time he was asleep. I thought this kid was hot when he was awake, but let me tell you, I have never seen him more attractive than he is now. He looks so innocent and vulnerable with his head resting on the headboard, his curls strewn across his face, and the tiniest hint of a smile. It was breath taking, almost too much to take in. I carefully lifted my head and sat up, careful not to wake him. I watched him as he slept so peacefully, knowing this is the most peaceful I'll ever see him. My moment of serenity was ruined as I felt what was left of that thai chicken start coming up. I hop up and run to the bathroom, not caring if I wake Harry, because honestly I'm more worried about getting to the toilet in time. I make it just in time before I start heaving up all this food. I can't seem to stop,and I start coughing as I continue to heave. I feel two hands on my back, one taking the hair away from my face and holding it back, the other rubbing soothing cirlces on my back. As I throw up the last bit, my stomach twists in a knot in a final effort to completely break me down. And it did. I lean back and let the tears flow, kicking my legs and flailing around in any attempt to make the pain stop. The two arms that were previously comforting me wrap around my arms, pulling them to my chest, and laying me down on someone; Harry. At this point Harry was sitting against the shower, legs open, with me in between them. He cooed in my ear trying to get me to relax, while planting soft kisses atop of my head every few seconds. I still could not wiggle out of his grip, and as I tired myself out, my stomach gradually became less painful, and eventually stopped hurting as I became limp in harry's arms. After sitting like that for a few minutes, my body is lifted and carried back to my bed. At least the worst of it is over. I don't even manage to say anything to Harry before falling asleep again.

*beep beep beeep beeeeep beeeeeeep*

That horrid noise. I hit the alarm off, and sit up in my bed, to find myself alone. Maybe everything with Harry really was a dream. I am proven incorrect when I look over to find Harry's beanie still in the room. What a relief, now I know it was real. On the brightside, I do feel better today. I probably just had a stomach virus or something. Since I missed class yesterday, I should probably go today. Well, if I'm going, I'm not making much of an effort. I decide to take a shower in my room today. I don't normally take showers in my room because Alex is really gross and usually the bathroom is absolutely disgusting, but since she's away on vacation, the bathroom is actually pretty decent. I take a quick shower and blow dry my hair into it's usual waves. I toss on leggings, UGGs, and my NorthFace, obviously in the mood to be comfortable. I finish up by dabbing on concealer and grabbing my books so i can head off, not forgetting to bring Harry's beanie along.

I walk into class and Nick looks absolutely releived to see me. He waves me over and I take my seat next to him.

"Where were you?" He asks me. "I tried calling you and everything but you never answered your phone."

"I got some nasty food poisoning from that Thai restaurant that I always go to. Consider yourself lucky that you didn't have to witness what I went through" I joked to him.

"Well, I would have if you told me, and I would have made sure you got all your assignments and everything." Nick said

"I know Nicky. Thank you." As if on queue Harry walks in, wearing skin tight black jeans and a jumper. Ugh the things that boy does to me just by the clothes he wears. Him and Nicky look surprised when I wave him over by me. He walks over, but with a questioning look on his face. I pick up the beanie and hand it to him saying "you left this when you um left. Um, thanks for everything."

"Don't thank me, I didn't do anything" he says as he snatches the beanie. I assume he's going to turn around and storm off across the room to another

seat, but instead he sits down, next to me. What? Nicks eyes go wide as he just witnessed what happenned. Oh God, he probably thinks that Harry and I had sex or something and that I was returning his clothes. Before he has a chance to say anything the professor walks in and class starts. Phweeew, that was a close one.

It could not be anymore awkward as the professor gives his lecture and I am sitting in between Harry and Nicky. I know Nicky is still thinking that Harry and I did it, and that would explain the death glare i am receiving from him. As soon at the lecture is over and we get time to do personal work in class, Nick whispers harshly in my ear "What the fuck was that about? Why were you giving him back his clothes? Chloe, did you two... you know.. Do it?"

"For Gods sake Nick, I gave him back a beanie. Chill out" I knew I shouldn't have said that, because now Nick is just going to carry on even more.

"Oh really? Just a beanie? Then why is he sitting next to you? And why coincidently did he leave class early the same day that you weren't here? Oh yea Chloe, I should just chill out because this is all a coincidence. Do I need to remind you of what happenned last time with Brand-"

"Don't you fucking speak about him". I snarl at him

"Then don't fucking speak to that duesh" Nick says, obviously referring to Harry.

Harry's head shoots in Nick's direction, hearing everything that's been being said. "Hey asshole, you know I can hear everything you say right?" Harry says obnoxiously loud, gaining not only the attention of Nick, but of the whole class. Just kill me now.

"Good, because I don't care what you hear, as long as you stay the hell away from Chloe" Nuck fires back, obviously not phased by the crowd of people watching. My cheeks flush and I look down into my notes.

Harry stands up and moves towards Nick, provokong them both. Nick stands up and they are in each others face before Harry says "I'd like to see you make me, because that's not going to happen" oh no this can't be good

Just as Nick's fist draws back I step in the middle of both of them, stopping this fight before it gets physical.

"Harry, Nick, and Chloe. This is a college room, not a highschool cafeteria. If you have a problem then you need to settle it outside of these walls. Now get out of my classroom and don't come back until you can act like mature adults." The professor says to us. The whole class stares in silence as we walk out of the room, me hanging my head in shame. As soon as I get out in the hallway I can't hold in the tears anymore. I'm so embarrassed that just happenned to me, and I wasn't even involved. I turn to them both, anger consuming me and scream "I hope you're both satisfied with yourselves! I have never been more humiliated than I ever have in my life, and kicked out of class. I'm a straight A student, I DONT GET FUCKING KICKED OUT OF CLASS! YOU BOTH SUCK, AND DON'T YOU EVEN DARE COME NEAR ME RIGHT NOW OR I WILL PHYSICALLY ATTACK YOU" I scream as they come closer to me to try to calm me down. "NICK, YOU OVERREACT ABOUT EVERYTHING! HARRY YOU REALLY DIDNT HAVE TO START THAT FIGHT! THIS IS BOTH OF YOURS FAULTS AND I CAN'T EVEN LOOK AT EITHER OF YOU RIGHT NOW" With that, I turn around and storm to my room, not even caring if Harry and Nick continue on their fight or not.


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