The Chase

Do opposites attract? Find out when badass Harry meets normal Chloe. Things change fast in college don't they? ;)


7. Chapter 7

Chloe's POV

Just my luck. Of course Harry would have to find me in this horrible condition. I know he means well, and that makes my heart flutter, but I honestly don't want him seeing me in a weakened state. I don't want to have to rely on him. I don't want to have to depend on him, because if he hurts me one day, I want to be able to still stand on both feet. Speaking of both feet I try to get out of bed because I really have to pee. It's a difficult task considering how much pain I'm in, and just as my feet hit the floor, the door opens up and in walks nurse Harry. Literally nurse. He has so much different medicines and supplies in his hands he looks like a doctor. It warms my heart knowing that he went out and bought all that stuff to help me get better.

"Oh no, where do you think you're going Chloe? Back to bed" he says to me.

"Thank you nurse Harry, but I actually really have to pee if that's ok with you" I try to say back sarcastically, but it just comes out groggy. His face frowns even more when he hears my voice. It's gotten worse since he left.

"Fine. Bathroom,and then your ass is getting right back into bed. It's not an option" he says sternly. Geez, what is this guy sickness patrol? I go to the bathroom and do my business, and when I walk out, I am helped to bed by Harry who guides me by my arm.

He pulls back the duvet for me to get in bed, and once im in, he starts layering blankets on me. I watch him as he is working so hard to make sure that I'm comfortable, and I can't help but giggle at once again how cute he is with his mop of curls laying over his forhead as he concentrates. My giggle ends up coming out as a cough, and Harry's head shoots up at the sound, and rubs my back until I've finished coughing and caught my breath again. Why is he being so nice?

"Why are you being so thoughtful to me?" I barely get out before I go into another coughing fit. He comforts me once again.

"Because you're sick, that's why. And no more talking until you've let the medicine kick in and have taken a nap" he says as he starts pouring some liquid from one of the medicine containers. A nap? How old did this kid think I was?

"A nap? You've got to be kidding m-"

I'm cut off by the small cup of liquid being forced into my mouth. I swallow it and look up to see Harry smiling in satisfaction. I hope he seriously doesn't think that shit will make me sleep. I'm not 7

"I don't care what that stuff was, but I'm not going to sleep, so you can forget about that." I half cough half speak to him.

"Oh, we'll see about that. I give you ten minutes max. That stuff is pretty strong." He smiles. Oh, he wants to challenge me?

"Ya right. This should be fun when I win" I retort. Before I could continue our little banter anymore I unexpectantly yawn. Damn, that stuff is strong. He laughs at my yawn and slips his shoes off before sliding in bed next to me. Oh no. What is he doing? Oh my God. He slides his arm around me and pulls me into his chest. I stiffen at first, but I soon melt into his warm arms. Man, I'm going to be pissed if I wake up and this is a dream.

"I wish you were always this nice" I speak truthfully.

I feel vibration in his chest as he chuckles at my comment. "Sorry, this is only happenning because you're sick. I'm not that big of an asshole to be mean to you while you're sick. You'll never get better that way."

"I wish I sick more often then" I joked. He turned my chin up to face him.

"Too bad I won't let that happen. I guess you're just going to have to deal with the asshole me" he smirked. I knew he'd just won, but that's ok with me. His smile was the last thing in my mind before I drifted off.


I woke up feeling a little more fresh than I have in the past couple hours. I open my eyes and realize that I'm still laying on Harry's chest. Wait... What is that? Oh no omg is that drool? I drooled on him, I seriously drooled on him. I mentally slap myself before taking the tip of the blanket and trying to clean up the drool. I finish and look up, hoping to find Harry asleep. But that would be just too good to be true. Of course when I look up he is staring down at me, smiling devilishly. Was he awake this whole time? This is just too embaressing.

"Sleep well?" Harry says and he laughs. I groan before lifting myself from his chest and sitting up on the bed.

"How long was I asleep for?" I ask him, and surprisingly my voice sounds better. I guess Harry was right. Of course he was right, it's Harry we're talking about here.

"3 hours. Good, your voice sounds better. You're going to have to have to take these for your fever though, because that still hasn't gone down." He says handing me two pills.

"How do you know whether or not my fever went down? Were you like touching me when I was sleeping or something? Because that's a little creepy, even for you Harry". I can't help but bust out laughing at my joke. I knew it was good when he cracked a smile at my comment.

"Yes, I completely defiled you while you were alseep. Now just take these" he hands me the pills once more. I decide that this is the moment it's all going to come out. I'm not backing down on this one. I look him straight in eye so gets on my level, and I just blurt it out

"I like you. Like I have a crush on you. Did you mean what you said when you said you liked me? Because I like you. Like a lot actually. So um do you like actually like me too?" That came out completely different then it was supposed to. I sounded so stupid. Ugh. He hasn't said anything yet. Why hasn't he said anything yet. Oh no, he doesn't like me. I knew he must have been on drugs or something to say that to me.

He sees me panicking and he leans forward towards me, pressing our forheads together, lips almost touching. "So you like me huh? Now I know the feeling is mutual". He says in almost a whisper. I completely melt. This is really happenning. Harry just admitted to liking me.

"Well, um where do we go from here?" I ask cautiously, making sure he wasn't just teasing me.

"Now you take these pills and go to the bathroom before I give you another dose of that medicine" he smirks. I get up and go to the bathroom, and after getting in bed and taking that medicine again, I get drowsy. I'm rambling on to him about something, and I'm not sleeping because of how much I keep talking. He hushes me and places me on his chest again, trying to get me relaxed enough to sleep. He starts humming into my ear and once again my body relaxes. I like the way my body fits on his. Its a good feeling. Right as my eyelids close, the humming stops and a gentle kiss is placed on my forhead.

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