The Chase

Do opposites attract? Find out when badass Harry meets normal Chloe. Things change fast in college don't they? ;)


5. Chapter 5

Chloe's POV

I knew I should have just minded my own business and just walked to the showers. I can't help but worry about about Harry. When he yelled at me earlier he seemed like he had been crying. He looked more sad and stressed than angry. I don't know why, but whatever he's going through, I want to be there to help him through it.......

*Next day*

Chloe's POV

I usually barely make it to class on time for social sciences, but I decided to be there really early today to make sure that I didn't run into Harry on the way. I want to avoid him as much as possible so I don't embaress myself further. If he wants to talk to me then he will do it.

I walk into class and Nicky isn't here yet. I hope he gets here before Harry does so I don't look like a loner. I thank God as Nicky finally walks through the door, and greets me with a warm smile. I don't know how he manages to say so smiley all the time. He slides into the seat next to mine as usual, and we start up conversation. I fail to leave out Harry, knowing that it would probably irritate Nick. Nick is very protective over me when it comes to guys, after what happenned in a previous relationship that I was in. I was dating this guy named Brandon, and Nicky didn't like him. He would always yell at me and stuff, but after he would always be so romantic to me so I would let it slide. But one night when we were at a movie with some other people, he pulled me into the private bathroom and tried to have sex with me. I kept telling him stop and finally I pushed him off of me. He called me a worthless bitch and punched me in the face and left me there in the bathroom, bleeding and crying. Nick was there that night, and I went back into the theatre to get nick to take me home. He couldn't see my face because it was dark and I had my hood on, but once we were in the hallway and he took in the marks on my face, he blew up. He actually pushed me aside amd ran outside to look for Brandon. He found him in the parking lot smoking a cigarette, and started beating the shit out of him right then and there. He beat him to a bloody pulp, and probably wouldn't have stopped if I wasn't screaming at him to stop. After that Nicky took me to the hospital to get my face checked out, and he spent the entire time there with me. 4 stitches and 3 hours later, Nicky took me home and swore to me that he would never let another person hurt me again. That was the night that I realized that he would be my best friend forever.

I was so deep in conversation with Nicky that I didn't even notice Harry walk into the room. He looked at me and I thought he would scowl, but he actually smiled. What the hell? I thought he hated me. I was snapped out of my staring when Nicky grabbed my arm.

"Chloe, don't tell me you know that kid?" Nick says to me in disbelief.

"We just talked like once, its no big deal" I say back to him. I still leave out everything else that has happenned between Harry and I, still not wanting to face Nicks reaction.

"Well, the way he just smiled at you, I would say that you've talked more than just once. I don't want you hanging around him Chloe, he'll hurt you, and I won't allow that to happen"

"Gee thanks mom" I say back to him and try to shrug it off.

"I'm serious Chloe" Nick retorts

"Oh my God I heard you the first time!" I say back to him, a little annoyed. But I know he's just trying to look out for me, and I appreciate that.

I look over at Harry who now has an infuriated look on his face after he saw Nick grab my arm. Geez, what's his problem? Omg I hope he doesn't think that Nick and I are a thing. Thats just ridiculous. I laugh to myself even at the thought if Nicky amd I dating. That would never happen, Nicky is like a brother to me. Wait but if that made Harry mad, that means he would be jealous....... Does that mean he likes me? No, I'm over thinking it. Harry has made it quite clear that he doesn't like me.

Class goes by rather slow, and everytime I look in Harry's direction, I find that he is already looking at me. Why would he stare at somebody that he doesn't like? Does he hate me that much? Damn

When class is over I see Harry is the first to get up and rush, out of class. Not that I care, because I dont. Nicky has to stay after and discuss something with the professor, so we say our goodbyes and I head out. As soon as I exit the door, my arm is yanked and I am pulled around the corner. I am turned around to come face to face with Harry. Before I have a chance to say anything he clenches his teeth and almost yells at me "Who the hell is that boy in there that you were talking to?"

"My friend Nicky, not that thats any of your business, because its not! And let go of me! Who the hell are you to be asking me questions when you have only been rude to me! You dont deserve to even be talking to me right now." I bark back at him.

His eyes burn through mine as he keeps the argument going. "Well why was he grabbing your arm like he did? Huh? What did he tell you?"

"Why the fuck do you even care?! Its none Of your damn business Harry"

"It is my business. Anything about you is my business" he says in a low tone, still sounding angry.

"Oh really, and why exactly is that?" I ask him, thinking I'll have him stumped. Boy was I wrong.

"BECAUSE MAYBE I LIKE YOU. JESUS CHRIST CHLOE" he completely yells in the hallway.

All I can do is stand there in shock as what he just said to me sinks in.......

Harry likes me?

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