The Chase

Do opposites attract? Find out when badass Harry meets normal Chloe. Things change fast in college don't they? ;)


3. Chapter 3

Chloe's POV

We walked back to Harry's room in silence, yet it felt so loud to me. I glanced over at him to try to get a sneak peak of his face while he wasn't looking, but my mission failed as he turned his head making eye contact with me. I turn away and blush, but not before seeing the smirk spread across his face. Why do I keep embaressing myself in front of him?! God, he probably thinks I'm the biggest freak ever. We get to his room and before entering I take a look at my door, checking to see if Alex is going to make another one of her magical appearances, but she doesn't and I'm secretly glad for that. We enter the room and I notice that there is only one bed in there instead of two. Oh no he lives alone?! I start to panic. I at least thought there would be a roommate so nothing weird could happen. I tense up once again, and I think he is just annoyed by me now. He turns to me and says

"If you're really that uncomfortable you can just leave the door open, God".

"Oh, uh no this is fine. I was um just admiring your wallpaper" I try to cover it up with a lie. I shut the door and take a deep breath before turning around and facing the sexy curly-haired boy.

Before anything I notice that he has a bag of gummy bears on his bed. Those are my weakness. He starts to unpack a box while I try to secretly sneak myself a few of the delicious bears. As expected, he turns around and catches me mid-chew with the bag of bears in my hand. Can I do anything right around this boy? He just smirks and walks over to me, picking a red bear from the bag and slowly lifting it up to my face, and feeds it to me. Did that really just happen? I look up to meet his beautiful emerald eyes, and he looks right back into mine. I can't describe what this feeling is right now. Before I know what I'm doing my hands lifts up and touches his arm. I am mesmorized by how tone his skin is, and how it manages to stay so beautiful even covered in ink. He doesnt't stop me, so I continue to trail my fingers all across his skin. He stares at me the whole time, and I feel as his hand comes up and tucks back a strand of my hair behind my ear. It feels like we stand there for hours, and unfortunately our intimate moment ends when Harry speaks up.

"Are we going to stand like this all day or actually unpack?" I snap back to reality and before I look away he grabs my chin and tilts it up towards him. "Because honestly, I'm fine with either option" he adds. We both burst out laughing and decide that we should actually start unpacking.

Harry starts with the clothes and I am left with all the extra accessories. Finally I hit the last box on my side. I open it up to see it filled to the brim with art supplies. There was everything from sketch pads to pencils and even different sized erasers. I open up one of the sketchpads to see every page filled with beautiful drawings. These are Harry's? I can't believe how good they are. I stand there and flip through the pages, taking in the lovely work, when all of a sudden the pad is ripped from my hands and slammed shut.

"What the hell do you think you're doing going through my shit!" Harry beams at me. He looks really pissed and it's a little frightening for me. Why is he so upset? Its just art, and good art at that.

"I was helping you unpack like you asked me too! Harry, those drawings are absolutely brilliant. You are so talented" I say to him truthfully. Like he should honestly go to an art school for his talent.

Still fuming, Harry bellows back at me "Thats none of your business! Stay out of my stuff and just leave Chloe! Jesus, I should have never asked you to help in the first place, you're so annoying!" His words hit me like a dagger. I can't help as tears start forming in my eyes. How could we go from almost kissing to him yelling cruel things at me? Maybe he was just making a mockery of me. I look up at him knowing that eyeliner is already probably pouring down my face, and I run out.

I can't believe I was attracted to someone who was so mean. I put on sweats and try to decide on a movie, but I can't help but wonder why Harry was so sensitive about his art. No! I can't think about Harry, he's mean. But my heart tells me otherwise and I end up going to sleep thinking about the bad boy who seems to have swept me off my feet.

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