The Chase

Do opposites attract? Find out when badass Harry meets normal Chloe. Things change fast in college don't they? ;)


17. Chapter 17

Chloe's POV

No body should be crying this much over a guy that they just met. I feel like a fucking twelve year old crying over their celebrity crush. It's just that Harry has this weird effect over me, like I can't get enough of him. He's pure perfection in every aspect. He's tall, handsome, and is one of the few people I've ever seen to pull off face piercings and a shit ton of tattoos. Every time I see him I just want to run my hands through his curls and over those tight fucking jeans of his. They hang so perfectly off of his hips and it drives me crazy. Everything about him drives me crazy, but none of that matters now considering the fact that he thinks I used him. Harry's hot, there's no doubt he already has had plenty of girls throw themselves at him, girls that are much prettier than me. Of course Harry is probably going t pick one, he gets to choose.

My thoughts are disconnected as Alex comes through the door with our mail and hands it to me. After the scene in the hallway she brought me back in the room, but she hasn't really said anything to me. She probably thinks that I fucking kissed Nick. Of course she would. I'm actually a little offended that her and Harry would both think that I would do such a thing; I'm nothing like that. That's exactly right, I would never do a such a thing and I never will! Anger starts to boil up inside me. I've put myself through too much shit for Harry just to have him gone from my life over something that didn't even happen. And what do you know, I have proof of some of that shit right here. I got a letter to a "Miss Chloe Sanders" from the dean here at Monroe University notifying me of my many missed absences in classes. Thank you Harry.

That letter pretty much fueled the fire that was starting in the pit of my stomach and I stood to my feet and stormed out of the room, ignoring Alex when she tried calling my name. NO, Harry will not get the satisfaction of thinking I am some low grade bitch. I will not allow him that. I march my ass right across the hall and bang on Harry's door as hard as I possibly can and I don't stop until the door whips open making me come face to face with Harry. He doesn't look mad, but rather happy. I almost pause, but I don't. I don't care, he is going to have a piece of my mind. I draw in a sharp breathe before my feelings come to life.

"Chloe!" Harry tries but he is cut off

"No, don't you give me that shit! You don't have a right to even talk right now! This is my time in college, I was supposed to come here, get good, grades, make some friends, go to parties, ad have a good time. And you know what, I was doing a perfectly fine job of that until you came in and royally fucked shit up! That's right, you came along, and everything changed for me. I lost focus in school , and become more wanting of you. And since then I have dropped my grades significantly, possibly lost my bestriend and maybe my roommate, and now I'm getting letters saying I've missed too many classes. All because of you! So no Harry, I will not give you the satisfaction of thinking that I am some fucking trash bag asshole. I did not kiss Nick, he kissed me. I like you a whole fucking bunch, and I am not about to let you walk away over something that wasn't even my fucking fault, so sorry, but I'm here to stay, whether you like it or not!" I scream with every ounce of my being. I'm sure there will be a noise complaint, but I could honestly not care less.

My fists are by my side practically shaking from my speech, and I look up to see a smiling Harry. Why is he smiling? Why is this boy so confusing?

"Come here babe." He says with his arms wide open.

"What?" I say obviously confused.

"I said come here. I know. That faggot of a best friend you have came and told me what really happened." he said arms still outstretched. I wasn't giving in that easily. I've become so freakin emotionally unstable after that speech. I should make him apologize for putting me through that.

"I would never do anything like that to you." I say in a barely audible voice as I face towards the ground and tears start brimming at my eyes.

"And you thought I would......" I say again. I look up at him, this time tears already in my face.

"And Alex thought I would too!" I start to get worked up again, and Harry can tell because he walks over to me and wraps me in his warm embrace, trying to shush me. I try to get out of his grip, but he just holds me tighter trying to calm me down. Eventually I just stop and sob in his hands. He just rocks us back forth slightly, stroking my hair, and whispering into my ear.

"I'm sorry baby. I was stupid to ever think you would do something like that. I wasn't thinking. Please forgive me?" He says.

He pulls back to see my face to look for my answer, but I don't give one. I actually just start to cry again. Harry just sighs and pulls me back into his big chest. Without sticking my head up I say to him

"lets just put this in the past please?"

"Yes of course babe." He pulls back again and plants a kiss on my forehead. His next kiss lands on my lips, a gentle delicate kiss. I can barely feel the presence of his lips. Soon his tongue asks for entrance, which I grant. He's still careful and gentle, and doesn't progress any farther than that. He breaks the kiss, leaning forward so our foreheads are touching, and says to me

" I want to know you Chloe. I want to know everything about you. If you give me the opportunity, I would love to hear everything you have to tell me."

He looks up into my eyes to see what they will say.

"This works two ways Styles." I look up to meet his eyes

"What do you mean?" He asks confusingly

"It means that you don't get to be all strange and mysterious while I talk all about myself. That's one thing I don't like about you. You barely ever talk about yourself, hell, I don't even know much about you." I sigh

He turns away and sighs, but when he turns back to me, he says the thing that I would never imagine him to say.

"HI. My name is Harold Edward Styles. What would you like to know."

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