The Chase

Do opposites attract? Find out when badass Harry meets normal Chloe. Things change fast in college don't they? ;)


15. Chapter 15

Chloe's POV

Harry winked at me before going to back to the button on my jeans, popping it and slowly unzipping it, making me shake. He looked at me before slowly sliding down my jeans, making sure it was ok with me. I nodded, letting him know it was alright. And it was, I trusted Harry. He grabs my wrist and kisses it reasurring me, and goes for the waistband of my panties. As soon as he hooks his fingers around the sides there is a knock on the door, stopping Harry's movements. Harry looks up at me with anger on his face as I have confusion spread across mine. Who could possibly be at Harry's door? It's not like he has a roommate? And Alex is out, so it wouldn't be her.

Clearly frustrated, Harry lets out a dramatic sigh and removes himself from the bed. I quickly put myself under the duvet as Harry answers the door. Not even bothering to put his shirt on Harry opens the door, and is shocked to see who is on the other side. Nick..... Why is Nick here? Before either of them say anything Nick sees me in Harry's bed, only covered by the duvet. A look of shock combined with anger forms on his face as he looks straight at me.

"What the fuck?!" He says to both Harry and I I'm assuming. My cheeks flood a crimson red as I am both ashamed and embaressed that Nick had to see this. I hope he doesn't think that I had sex with Harry.

Nick looks at Harry now and repeats his statement, this time only to Harry, anger coursing through his veins. Completely ignoring his statement Harry responds to Nick by asking

"What are you doing here? And why the fuck is all of your shit here with you?" Harry says nodding his head towards the duffel bags amd boxes at Nicks feet.

"My room was flooded because of a leaky water pipe. I was reassigned to this room. I'm your new fucking roommate." He says sarcastically back to Harry. I guess their mutual friendship has changed from Nick noticing me nearly naked in Harry's bed.

Harry grips the bridge of his nose and lets out a sigh of frustration. "Great, just fucking great." He says under his breath.

"Yea, exactly what I said when I opened the door to find my hest fucking friend nearly naked in your bed." Nick shoots back, obviously having heard Harry's comment.

I interject before Harry has a chance to, knowing Nicks comment would trigger him to say something nasty.

"Um I can just go. If you would close the door real quick Harry I can get dressed and I'll be out of your guys' hair so you can settle your new room situation." I stutter, cheeks still burning. Without a word Harry slams the door shut and I stumble out of his bed trying to get dressed as fast as possible.

"Why are you in such a hurry?" Harry says to me.

"Because I need to get out of here as fast as possible. It's going to take ages to get Nicky to forgive me for this Harry. You don't understand, Nicky is very protective and we tell each other EVERYTHING. I've barely told him that we were friends, so him having to see this probably sent him through the roof."

"You don't have to tell him shit. He's not your fucking father. And it's not your fault fo him to see that, its his own damn fault for intruding." Harry throws back. I just sigh as I head towards the door.

"Please be nice to him Harry" I say as I exit. I walk out in the hallway to be very awkwardly greeted by Nick. I felt like a child getting ready to be scolded by their parents.

"What in the hell Chloe?!" He nearly screams at me in the hallway. I look down in shame, not being able to meet his eyes.

"Did you have sex with him?" He continues.

"No" I say quickly, letting him know that I truly didn't.

"And so what if she did?" Harry's voice interrupts, slightly pissed.

"Harry stay out of this please?" I turn to him with pleading eyes.

Nick completely ignores Harrys prescence and looks me straight in the eyes. "This is between you amd I, and we will finish this discussion later" he says. "Now if you don't mind, I have to move into the same room with the guy trying to sleep with my best friend" he finishes. He grabs his bags and pushes past Harry into the room. I turn and go into my room, left to sit and think about what the fuck just happenned.

Nick's POV

I can't believe what I just witnessed. Chloe in that fucking guys bed. I knew she had been acting a little different and distant lately, but I thought she had just been busy and what not. Now I am confirmed that this guy is the reason that Chloe hasn't been acting like herself around me. He's taking her away from me. Chloe usually tells me everything; I am her rock. The fact that she hasn't told me about him means that she knew I wouldn't approve of him. And she's right, I don't. What good could come from some guy covered and tattooes and piercings with such an attitude problem. And he wants to take my best friend away from me? Like I'm going to let that happen. Now I have to fucking room with him. Only I would have such bad luck.

I mive into the room and set my bags down, earning a glare from Harry. What the fuck is his problem?

"Why don't you take a pucture, it'll last longer" I spit at him.

He stands up. "Listen. This is my fucking room, not yours, so you watch the way you fucking talk to me. You keep your shit one one side of the room, and you won't be here when i have Chloe over" he tries to scorn me.

"Fat chance asshole. I know Chloe, and she doesn't act like that with boys. So I'm not going to let you take advantage of her." I say back to him forcefully.

"I would never take advantage of Chloe. You just need to get over the fact that she can actually talk to boys beside yourself. I care for Chloe, and ai'm going to continue to care for her. " He remarks

"Are you trying to piss me off? Shes my best fucking friend, and she will not be your little sex toy. Go find some slut to fuck, and leave Chloe alone. She has a fragile heart, and when you break it I'll have to be there to pick up the pieces!"

I scream back at him.

"Jesus Christ, the way you talk people would think that you were her fucking husband. Are you secretly in love with her or something?" He sarcastically says trying to piss me off.

"Fuck off" is all I say back to him. He laughs and grabs his jacket and keys and leaves the room. Living with this ass is going to suck. But I will not let him ruin Chloe.

If only he knew the irony in his last statement........ Maybe I am in love with Chloe............shit

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