Kailyn and her friend were going to a football game. It was Manchester United playing in New York. Little did she know Niall and Louis we're going too because they had a short break and we're able to go.


2. chapter 2

  Niall's POV

Me and Louis decided to go to a football game in the time we had of in New York. We had to wear hoodies and sunglasses. When we were heading to our seats we ran into a girl and she fell and saw who we were so we admitted but she promised she wouldn't tell. I fell in love with her the first time I looked in her eyes. We went to our seats and I said to Louis "Kailyn that girl I we ran into I think I'm in love with her!". We had fun during the game we talked and stuff during the whole think and we were also rooting for the same team. After the game was over I said to Kailyn " would you like to come to my hotel and meet the rest of the band?". "I would love two I just have to ask Ashely's mom if she is okay with that because I'm visiting from London and I'm staying with her for two weeks" Kailyn said. She went to go make a phone call to ask if they could go to our hotel. She came back and said "she could come as long as she was home before midnight". "Okay our hotel is not far from here and its only 8:00" I said.


Louis POV

The football game just ended Niall just invited Kailyn and Ashely to our hotel. I was okay with that since I think Ashely is kind of cute. We were going to call a cab to bring us to our apartment but Ashely and Kailyn offered to drive us. Niall and Kailyn sat in the back seat since Ashely was the one driving so I sat in the front with her and told her were to go. When we got their Niall introduced Kailyn to the rest of the band while I introduced Ashely. We decided to play truth or dare to try to get to know Kailyn and Ashely.

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