1. People to Change

Morgan sees things in a way nobody seems to understand.

She's sees the faults in the behavior of her peers, the emptiness. She's just as judgmental about her own actions, but it's not the same.

She knows what people want to hear, what they long to see. She's able to use that in a manipulative way. She hates how easy it is. She feels like she's cheating. A cheat. Using people's ignorance to her advantage. She wants to change that. Because she doesn't want to be seen as a victim like them.

A victim to absolute ignorance. So she has to change everyone she can, before people start to put her into the same group as the manipulated. She's not sure who the people that assign labels like that are exactly but they must be out there somewhere, sorting us all into groups. She pities those who are sorted unfairly, but the sorters are never wrong, and they never change their minds.

Morgan must take it upon herself to critique people in hope that if she does it enough maybe it will suddenly appear to them what they are being subjected to and be able to change in time. It hasn't worked yet. So she must try harder.

Even if it makes the people she loves most hate her.

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