Timid (5 Seconds Of Summer)

How do you survive the complications of being in high school, trying to avoid society, having family issues and dealing with a boy that gives you butterflies every time he passes by.. if you don't even have the courage to speak?

This story has also been posted on wattpad. But I'm going to rewrite it a little differently. This is my original story so don't try to steal it please? Thanks.


1. Introductions

 "I'm shy, paranoid, whatever word you want to use. I hate fame. I've done everything I can to avoid it" - Johnny Depp

I suppose it doesn't make sense that I hang with the populars when I'm such a shy person right? Well I'm not exactly shy, I'm just timid. Lneet's make that clear. Timid and shy may be synonyms, but in my mind they're completely different things. I'm not going to explain this to you so go look it up youself. See? I'm not shy. I used full on sass just now, and did I hesitate? Nope.

 I stand with my two "friends" in the grass of the quad in front of Fairmount High School. The only people Sarah let me socially interact with. The brunette beside me, Lindsay, chatting away with her dumb jock of a boyfriend, and the blonde on the other side of me, Skylar, texting with great speed. I wait on Sarah impatiently. She's the only person I can actually tolerate out of this cool crowd. Although she still annoys me at times. Which would be 90% of the day.

 Her black luxury BMW pulls into the parking lot, and she steps out dramatically. Like she owns the place. Technically in these students' eyes she does. Not to me though. She's just a spoiled daddy's girl, typical.

 She struts over to us in her barely there outfit after locking her car, her brown loosely cured strands of hair flowing behind her like this was some kind of fashion show or Victoria's Secret commercial. As stereotypical, stupid and unoriginal as it may seem boys gawked at her as she strode over to us with confidence. What is this an ABC family tv show premiere?

 She greets us, and we head into the school. Immediately we're met by the others of our 'clique'. If only I could get out of here. I despise these people, but do I have a choice as to who I can and cannot hang out with? Of course not. At this school, if you're chosen by the cool kids you're in for life. No backing out, and you'd be an idiot to turn them down. This isn't like mean girls. This is real life. And these people are not afraid to destroy you. 

 There's Jonathan, Caspar, Sandy and Lilah. Jonathan is a big jock just like Lindsay's boyfriend, who I don't care to remember the name of. Caspar is actually pretty cool. I wouldn't hang out with him 24/7, but he doesn't pester me like the others so I'm alright with him. He's actually pretty skinny and pale with bright blue green eyes and messy blonde hair.  Sandy and Lilah are twins that don't look anything alike. Strange isn't it? Sandy has blonde hair while the other has brown. They both have the same green eyes, but their facial faces are pretty different. I won't go into that though.

 I back away slowly, hoping they don't notice me as they converse with each other. I go unnoticed as I slink away from them, and make my way over to my locker down the hall. I get out my biology textbook, and I'm about to pull out a notebook to attempt to finish the homework I didn't have time for last night when I'm interrupted by a hand slamming against the locker next to mine.

 Please dont talk to me, please don't talk to me, please don-

 "Hey, oh did I scare you? Sorry. I was just wondering where the office was?" An aussie voice says to me. I look to the source, and find an exceptionally adorable brutnette boy standing before me. A black Nirvana tank top on and may I just say it looks quite good on him. Nikki stop.

 I don't speak, instead I collect my things and rush off to biology class just as the bell rings.


I didn't really edit this. I hoped you liked it though! Thanks for reading and make sure to comment and tell me what you think :3

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