Timid (5 Seconds Of Summer)

How do you survive the complications of being in high school, trying to avoid society, having family issues and dealing with a boy that gives you butterflies every time he passes by.. if you don't even have the courage to speak?

This story has also been posted on wattpad. But I'm going to rewrite it a little differently. This is my original story so don't try to steal it please? Thanks.


2. Hesitating

"To the timid and hesitating everything is impossible because it seems so." -Walter Scott  


 Besides all the things I said yesterday, I'm not a very confident person. Sure I can be sarcastically sassy and witty in my head, but when I try to say these things out loud everything just crumbles. I stopped trying to crack jokes and actually participate in human social activity a long time ago. Which doesn't make any sense since I hang out with the snobs. Caspar may be alright, but he isn't that different from the others. Yeah he doesn't tease other people as much, but he can and will ruin you if you mess with him. Anyways, like I was saying, human interaction isn't my thing. Luckily I don't have any classes with my so called 'friends' so I'm not forced to sit up front with them. I get to sit in the back of all my classes where I belong.

 Which is where I am now. In the back of this boring History class, listening to this boring teacher, talk about the boring old wars that don't peak the interest of any students. Even the teacher looks bored talking about it.

 I pull out my notebook, and open to one of the songs I had been working on. Yes I like to write songs, and maybe I can sing a little. I don't exactly know, remember no confidence? My family has been trying to get me to work on that for years and I think they gave up around the beginning of the second year of high school. So that would be two years ago.

 I start to jot down random lyrics, trying to find ones that would match the meaning of the song and also the tune. Just as I'm about to strike gold with my ideas my name is called out which snaps me out of my zone. The teacher, Ms Wells, is pointing to the empty seat next to me. The boy next to her, the very same I ran away from in the hall, is smiling widely. I sink in my seat, and shove the song book back into my backpack. This will be a long class period.

 He strides to the desk with an adorably stupid grin on his lips. Sitting in the seat next to me, he places his elbow on the desk and props his chin up on his fist.

 "Well what a coincidence? Thank you for earlier you were a great help." He sarcastically speaks. His Aussie accent doesn't surprise me, judging from the fact that we are in Austrailia, but it sure will surprise him when he finds that I'm American. I had moved here with my mother, father, brother and Uncle when I was ten. I didn't have much to leave behind in America, but it was still a big deal to be moving. Mainly because it was a whole new continent.

 "It would be nice to know the name of the person I'm supposed to sit next to this whole year you know?" He tries to start conversation multiple times before getting shushed by Ms Wells. Obviously he can't take the hint that I don't talk. He sighs after getting no reaction from me from the lame joke he tells and returns to his textbook.

 I do feel slightly bad for just blowing him off like this. He seems to be the new kid, and I know that it's tough for a guy when a girl won't talk to you. Maybe I could cut him some slack, and pass him a note? That wouldn't be speaking, so I should be fine.

 Pulling out a blank sheet of paper from my binder I begin to write.

 "I'm Nikki." I fold the paper neatly, and slide it to him. Only now do I actually get a close look at his features. Lovely green eyes, perfect brown locks, he even has an adorable dimple. Somebody please tell me what's wrong with me. I don't even know this guy, but I'm describing him while using the words 'lovely', 'perfect' and 'adorable'.

 He takes notice of the paper, glances at me and smiles.

 "I was beginning to think I had no chance here. I like your hair by the way. Reminds me of a guy I met this morning. His name was Michael I think? I'm Ashton =)" The paper is slid back in forth that whole class period, him telling me about where he moved from and what it was like, and me putting smiley faces and simple answers to his questions.

 This guy wasn't so bad. He seemed pretty fun to hang out with from what he's told me about his old friends. But of course I wouldn't know the definition of fun. Seeing as I'm the silent girl who stands in the background. Of course I wouldn't be allowed to hang out with him unless my 'clique' says he's cool. Judging from the way he looks, one of the girls will drop their stupid jocks for him in a heartbeat, just to say they had him before anyone else at this school.

 I wish I was better at sticking up for myself. Even if I did tell the populars how I felt and it all went terribly wrong and I ended up being an outcast I wouldn't care. Because all that would matter was that I had the guts to stick up to them. That I had the guts to stick up for myself.

 But guts is something I don't have, and I've been looking for it on E-bay and Amazon for a few years now. All I could find were Halloween props and old creeper people trying to sell pig entestine.

 The bell rings, and it's time for second period. What I find out later is that Ashton has all his classes with me. I thought it would be okay. But word spreads fast in this school of ours. Especially when you hang with the populars. And all hell was about to break loose.


I hope you liked it? This wasn't one of my best chapters, but it'll get better I promise! ALSOOO I need a character for Luke's girlfriend. Anybody interested? Comment your age, personality and what you look like please! And if you're not interested.. just comment if you liked it or not X) okay byee!!

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