One Direction Imagines

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4. for Yissel (Harry)

You were home alone since Harry had to go to the studio early. You just laid in bed thinking about last night and remembering how amazing it was. It was around noon and you were folding laundry when you got this feeling in your stomach that you needed to throw up, so you ran to the bathroom and throw up, at the time you didn't think much of it considering the chicken you ate for lunch was a few days old. So you went back to folding the laundry and not long after that Harry got home as you explained to him why you weren't eating dinner due to your stomach being upset and talked about how everything was going at the studio y'all went to lie down on the couch and watch some T.V well right in the middle of the show you got that feeling again and had to run to the bathroom for what seemed like the 20th time today. So instead of finishing the show y'all were watching you just told Harry you were going to go lay down. ''are you ok? do I need to go get something for you?'' he asked generally concerned about you. ''No its okay I probably just have the stomach virus or something like that. I'll be fine thanks anyways.'' you said loving how much he truly cares about you. though you weren't to sure you were fine but just went with it anyways. Next couple days you spent the same way in the mornings you throw up, got weird cravings and stomach pains you couldn't figure out what was happening morning you realized that a whole month has went by and you didn't get your period and suddenly it was all making senses the weird cravings, the morning sickness and the pains. You were pregnant, but you were also scared of how Harry would react would he get anger and leave you or love you and support you through this. You were prying for the second option, to be honest you weren't even sure how you were going to tell him you knew you couldn't keep it from him, I mean that would be one pretty big shock he comes home from tour and he sees you at home with a baby in your arms while your all like ''oh hey guess what while you were on tour I had our kid.'' Yeah you decide that was not the way to go so you decide to be honest with him, you just didn't know when. You needed to find the right time and the right place oh and the right way to tell him. Just as you were thinking all this Harry walked in the living room and kissed the top of your head '' you feeling any better today love?'' you didn't even know how to respond to this you could say yeah some what oh by the way I'm pregnant lets go order pizza. Yeah this was not right time, place, or the right way to tell him so you decide to tell him somewhat of the truth. ''yeah a little bit better.....I think?'' he looked slightly confused about this ''do we need to go to the doctor or something?'' crap no he couldn't find out like that. you wanted it to be special the way he found out wither he wanted to be in the baby's life or not. '' no we don't need to go to the doctors I'm sure it will about nine months.'' thankfully he didn't hear the whole nine months thing you mumbled it so low. ''well if your sure than how about we watch a movie and cuddle on the couch?'' he suggested looking adorably cute with his dimples and perfectly concerned eyes of his you couldn't say no and why would you anyways? Y'all settled on watching the movie 50 first dates with Adam Sandler in it about over half way through the movie you fell asleep in Harry's arm where you felt the most safe and comfortable in. As Harry watched you sleep he started to wonder why you have been acting so strange lately with you odd eating habitats, naps and not to mention your mood swings you have been having at first he thought well maybe she's on her period the remembered you haven't complained about cramps or the blood. OH MY GOD WHAT IF SHE IS PREGNANT. he thought for a second and then dismissed the idea because if you knew you would have already have told him, considering y'all try to not keep secrets from each other senses there not good for a healthy relationship.                                  ~Few days later~

''Hey Harry how about we do something special tomorrow night?" you asked nervous cause your belly will soon be getting bigger and he will be asking questions so its better to get it over with now and if he leaves...well you don't even want to think about that at this moment only if that moment comes will you think about it and hopefully it wont come, hopefully he will want to be a farther of his child. ''Yeah sounds great babe. What do you have in mind?'' he asked happy that he didn't have plans with the boys tomorrow night.  ''You will just have to wait and see. Wont ya?'' you said trying to be secretive hoping he wont ask anymore questions. '' um alright then I guess I will have to wait.'' happy that he agreed you went to your laptop to see if it will help come up with some ideas. Needless to say it did not help all it said was to just tell him, you were going to tell him but you wanted it to be special when you did. So you decide on making dinner and setting it up to be really romantic you were going all out candles and rose petals and all. It actually looked quite nice if you do say so for your self. When Harry got back from the studio he walked into the kitchen where you had all set up while the song ''mine would be you'' by blake Shelton was playing. He looked at you and he's draw dropped not only did you look like a 11/10 so did the room. So after y'all finished eating dinner you just sat there talking then you looked deep into Harry's perfect green eyes and said '' Harry I need to tell me something but you have to promise me you wont get mad or upset alright?'' Harry seemed confused which you expected but agreed anyways. You took a deep breathe and just came right out and said it ''Harry I'm pregnant.''  you almost whispered with shaky breath and hands. ''wh...what did you say Yissel? did you just say what I think you did?'' Harry asked with wide eyes fully alert. ''If you think I said Harry Im pregnant then yeah that's what I said.'' You said with just a tad but more of confidence when you saw that wide dimpled smile that you love so much. ''That's so amazing, we're going to be parents. WE'RE GOING TO BE PARENTS!!!!!!'' he said with a wider smile if that was possible. ''lm so happy you want to be a part of the baby's life I was scared you wouldn't.'' you admitted then Harrys smile faded '' why would think that? of course I would want to be apart of our baby's life its something we created that no one can take away.'' you smiled at what he had just said you had nothing to worry about and he returned that smile. ''Know lets go call everyone but you do realize we have to tell my parents right?'' you said and with that you went to go call everybody y'all knew.

A/N: sorry if I used the word y'all too much that's just  my word. Anyways hope  you like it and I will get everyones done sorry school is cutting in to my writing  time. THANKS FOR READING :)

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