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3. for Miami (Harry)

Harry had just got back from the tour so on his first night he was home he went out with the boys and you were totally fine with it I mean who wouldn't want to go celebrate with the best friends about all they have accomplished, but ever since that night just about every night from then on he came home drunk and a was becoming a major arse and each night it seemed like he was getting worse and worse. You had finally had enough y'all hadn't even got to spend anytime together either he was at the bar or throwing up trying to get rid of a major hangover. Just like the night before Harry had come home drunk again... and as usually he was screaming and yelling about something so stupid it wasn't even funny.'' Harry you need to stop coming home like this. We haven't even spent anytime together since you have been home.'' you said firmly hoping that he would get the point and stop. Well instead of doing that he had something else he thought he should say. '' want do you mean there is nothing wrong with going out having a few beers or so with some friends and having a good time every once in awhile.'' you couldn't even believe he said ''once in awhile'' because it sure has been more than that. ''Yeah Harry I totally agree with you BUT ITS HAS BEEN A NIGHTLY THING.'' you couldn't even keep you cool especially with the last part this is ridiculous you thought. ''WELL MAYBE MIAMI IF YOU WOULD COME OUT WITH US AND HAVE A LITTLE FUN WITH US EVERY NOW AND THEN YOU WOULDNT BE SO UPTIGHT AND MAYBE YOU WOULD COMPLAIN ALITTLE LESS, BUT THAT WOULD TAKE AN ACT OF GOD. WOULDNT IT?'' now that stung a little bit but you weren't going down without a fight. ''WELL IF THATS WHAT YOU THINK OF ME HARRY THEN MAYBE WE SHOULDNT BE GOING OUT RIGHT NOW, MAYBE I JUST NEED TO LEAVE YOU AND WE COULD GO OUR SEPARATE WAYS.'' you instantly regretted saying that. You wanted Harry to stop all this but you would never want to leave him after all you loved him even though he needed help, but what he said next was something that hurt more than words could have ever described. '' WELL IF THATS HOW YOU FEEL THEN MAYBE WE SHOULD GO OUR SEPARATE WAYS, I MEAN IF YOU DONT LOVE ME ANYMORE THEN WHY SHOULD I WASTE MY TIME WITH SOMEONE WHO DOESNT EVEN LOVE ME BACK.'' as soon as he said that you could instantly tell he regretted it and didn't mean it but it still didn't take the tears that were rolling down on your face away or the sting you felt in your chest ''I'm sorry I didn't mean it'' he started but you didn't want to hear anything that comes out of his mouth at that moment you walked to your room packed a small bag and was going to go rent a hotel for the night you could hear Harry saying how sorry he was and that he don't  want to loose you over a fight that meant nothing. ''Harry look your too drunk to know what your saying so I don't know what to believe at the moment and tonight I need to be alone and think things over okay?'' you said in a firm voice but not as harshly as you could have put, you had half a mind to chew him out at the moment but you knew that it would only make things worse. So without another word you grabbed the bag you had packed and headed off to the hotel.  So by the time you had got to the hotel and got settled in your room you had already paparazzi's  and fans asking questions about why you were staying in a hotel, you thought about going on twitter but knowing that it would make you feel worse so you decide to go take a shower. After you got out of the shower you thought it might be a good idea to go lay down well it was a good idea if only you could sleep but you could only think about Harry and what had just happened. You weren't the only one who couldn't sleep either Harry kept tossing and turning and feeling the urge to hold you in his arms. All he could think about was you and how much he needs and missed you well and he had the urge to go throw up but that was do to the too many drinks he had drunk. He really wanted to call you and ask you if you were okay and to make sure you got to the hotel alright, but he knew that you needed time to cool off and that it would probably be best to just wait until you did, he just didn't know if you would ever forgive him after he had been a major arse to you, not to mention how pissed he was at himself for letting you walk out that door and how he had been treating you lately.

                                                                   ~next day~

You figured you should probably call Harry to let him knew that you decide that if he really meant that you would be over to get your stuff and head back home but the problem was that you didn't want to face him right now and you didn't want to let him go no matter what has happened  you just didn't want to let him go you loved him with all your heart but this drinking thing has gotten out of hand, you decided to go ahead and call him. ''Hello?'' you heard Harrys raspy morning voice ''um hey Harry I will be over to get the rest of my stuff in about....err around in hour. Will that work?'' you asked nervous of what he might say next '',No that wont work Miami. Yeah I might have drunk last night but that wasn't an excuse to say those things to you and I'm sorry I don't want you to leave me I love with all my heart and I don't want to let you go but if you still want to break up than I understand just know this one thing no one can ever love you as much as I love you.'' He stated pretty calmly until the last part he sounded like he was tearing up just as you were.'' Harry I love you too and I don't want to break up with you but this drinking has gotten out of hand.'' you said through tears just thinking about breaking up with him was scary but now that you were talking about it was even worse. ''I swear if you stay with me I will not drink anymore just please don't leave me I love you more then anything Miami.'' that's all you wanted to hear from him is that he can actually take control over this problem he has ''Harry if your serious about this then I promise I wont leave you but you only get one more chance and that's it.'' ''That's all I need so are you coming back home?'' you didn't even need to think about this answer ''I'm on my Haz. love you see you in a little bit.'' and you meant it when you said that and so did he when he replied with ''ok I love you too.''

A/N: hey hope you liked it and to everyone else I will write your but I also I have to study cause I have mid terms next week:0

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