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5. for Maya (Louis)

OH MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT? WHY AM I IN LOUIS'S BED WITH NO CLOTHES ON? The last thing I remember is playing truth or dare with the rest of the boys that and I had way too much to drink last night. I wonder if he remembers what had happened last night? All these thoughts were racing through your mind as you slowly got up and got dressed and decided to act as nothing happened and pry that he wont remember. Not that you didn't like him you had a major crush on him in fact, you just didn't want to ruin your friendship over this actually you were quite disappointed you didn't remember the moment you have waited forever for. You had always liked him more than as a friend just wasn't sure he felt the same. So after you got dressed you went down stairs and you saw zayn sleeping on the couch, Niall passed out on the floor with a bottle in his hand and Harry in the kitchen making pancakes. you wonder if he knew what happened between you and Louis you thought about asking him but decided against it unless he brought it up. ''well that was a crazy night huh?" Harry asked you while throwing you a wink. Oh crap you thought maybe he does know, you just stared at him for a moment with a blank expression. ''Ah you probably don't remember you were so drunk last night and the rest of the boys.'' Harry said chuckling a little bit. You don't know where this courage came from but you herd yourself ask him ''Do you know what happened between me and Louis last night?'' ''of course i do and if the boys weren't so drunk last night they would probably remember how loud you guys were screaming.''  he said while laughing as you turned red ''its not funny Harry. What if he remembers last night and he don't to be friends anymore? Harry i could lose my best friend over this.''  you said with panic rising in your voice. ''Just take a breath alright? I'm sure if he did remember he would still want to be friends okay? you might not know this but he has a huge crush on you." Harry said trying to comfort  you after he said that you felt yourself break into a smile ''Louis likes me?'' you asked just to make sure you herd him right. ''Yeah when your not around all he talks about is you and by the way your staring at me and acting i would say you like him too.'' he really likes me. Me? out of all people he likes me you thought breaking into an even bigger smile.''so i just gonna go with you like him as well. Yeah?'' harry asked even though the answer was very obvious. ''Yeah i do.'' that was the first time you had actually said it out loud. ''wait if he don't remember should i tell him?" you asked not really sure what to do. '' i would. Just in case so it wont affect anyone or your guys relationship.'' you gave him a quick nod so when he got up you would go and talk to him. Just as you were thinking about how to tell him you realized that you should have your period now it was 2 in the afternoon and it should be here by now. You felt a panic wave come through your body ''Harry...I have a problem well maybe i don't really know.'' you were now shaking pregnant no i cant be this just happen last night. could it come that fast? im only 18 oh lord what have i gotten myself into? as all these questions are running in your head harry asked whats wrong. ''I think i'm pregnant Harry with Louis's child.'' he's eyes got wide as he said ''are you sure? i mean it just happened? did you guys use protection?'' ''dang it i don't know Harry." you were having mixed feelings right now '' alright would you like me to run to the drug store and pick up some test?'' he asked  ''please would you?'' you asked still shaking a bit. ''sure i will be right back oh and i wouldn't tell Louis about the whole might be pregnant thing until your foreshore.'' he added as he grabbed his jacket and as he was walking out the door you mumbled ''wasn't planning on it.''  what if i am pregnant and Louis don't  want to be the farther or what if he never wants to see me ever again??? oh lord please don't let me be pregnant. Louis walked in and interrupted your thoughts '' hey Maya! why do you look so worried?" he asked as he got a worried look on his face ''oh nothing i'm just tired.'' you lied and you knew Louis could tell you were never a good liar. ''well are you su'' Harry came running inside and interrupted what he was going to say. He handed you the bag then smiled at Louis and said '' well look who's finally up.'' you thanked Harry and took the bag and went up to the bathroom. You waited a few minutes for the results and when you looked it was the exact opposite of what you wanted to see you wanted to breakdown crying right there but instead you texted Harry to come up here and with in a few minutes he was up there, you were shaking so bad and was wishing this was a nightmare and that you would wake up but you knew it was not. So after you got done crying and calmed down a bit you decide on telling him now its better he finds out sooner then later so you walked back down shaking but you kept going. ''Louis....i..i need'' you manged to say without tears coming down your face. So you and Louis walked to the bedroom and he asked you whats wrong. You didn't know how to tell him and he just kept looking at you and asking whats wrong so you just blurted it out ''Louis i'm pregnant!" '' pregnant? with who's.. oh you mean from the..oh okay. WAIT YOUR TELLING ME YOUR PREGNANT WITH MY CHILD? NO YOU ARE NOT YOU GOT YOURSELF PREGNANT I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS!'' you lost it you broke down into tears and ran out of the room and the house. Harry walked in the room you and Louis were previously in " WHAT THE HELL LOUIS?" Louis gave him a look that was just like I have no idea what your talking about then left the house. No one herd from Louis for a couple of days in matter a fact it was around one week before he came back to talk to you. "look Maya I'm sorry for the way I acted I understand if you don't want to be friends or anything anymore but since I helped get you pregnant even if it wasn't by choice I would still like to be a part of his or hers life." At first you just stood there looking at him before you spoke up "your so stupid sometimes Tomlinson of course I still want to be your friend and of course you can be apart of the baby's life but I swear if you ever and I mean ever walk out on me and not talk to me or answer my calls or texts for a week when it's something important that we seriously needed to talk about that answer might change." He looked at you with eyes that you could tell were truly sorry and then he said " I know I'm pushing my luck now but I love you and I want us to be more then friends" you never in a million years thought that those words would come out if his mouth you just stood there shocked before responding " I love you too and every since the first day I met you I knew I wanted us to be more than friends" he wrapped you in a big hug then kissed you as y'all turned around hand in hand the boys were right there awwwing and making comments about y'all. Than from right there you know that as long as you had him and the boys for support you could get through this pregnancy.

AN- I am so sorry this took so long but it's up and I hope you like it and to everyone else I started writing again and will start updating more so stay tuned and thank y'all for being so patient. Y'all are all beautiful!:)

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