Dear 1D (a new start)

This is the second book to 'Dear 1D (finding her)' Diana just moved to England to live with her dad and his family. She has life changing experiences. But what happens when 2 of the boys from one direction and 1 boy from her school fight for her?


6. Registering for school


I woke on my own cause I didn't have school today. I looked around and got out of bed to take a shower. I went to my bathroom and I looked myself in the mirror. The scars on my stomach were starting to go away for good. I hope they do go away. After I was done taking a shower I now dried my hair, did my make up then I went to my closet to look at my new clothes. I decided to wear a blue blouse and white skinny jeans.

After I was done getting ready I went downstairs to see my dad and Jamie at the table eating breakfast. "Morning Diana" Jamie said. "Morning." "Good morning Diana" "good morning dad." "Did you sleep well?" "Ya I did" I smiled. "Good. Okay eat breakfast and then we will go to your new school which is also Damian's school and get you registered." I nodded and sat down. I looked at the food and decided to eat waffles and sausage.

When I was done eating I looked at them "ready to go?" My dad asked me. "Ya I'm just gonna brush my teeth first." I ran upstairs and hurried and brushed my teeth. When I got down I put on some black black flats and grabbed my purse. "Okay I'm ready to go" I said. "Good cause your driving so you know how to get there" my dad told me and I nodded getting my keys and going to my car. The car my dad got me was a brand new blue Lamborghini. I loved it! Sometimes it's good having a rich dad.

I started the car and my told me the ways to go to get there. When we got there we got out d the car and headed to the front office. I saw a bunch of people looking at me and then whispering. It a was probably 'new girl gossip' I ignored it and when we got to the office the principle called us right in. "Hello you must be Diana Winters. I'm the principle Mr. Thyme. Come right in." He said shaking my hand and we walked in his office and sat down. "Alright Diana so your papers are transferred from your old school and it looks like you are a good student expect you missed a couple days in the past weeks. Would you like to tell me why?" I shook my head and my dad looked at me like 'are you serious Diana?' I gave him an apologetic look. "Alright.. Well the rules aren't that strict here at Woodsbay high school. Simply you come to school on time and you only get 3 unexcused absentees so don't be absent unless you have a reason. Also dress code is pretty slim. Only no short shorts, tank tops or belly shirts. But you can wear anything else you'd like." I nodded at him saying I understood. "Alright sign these papers and we will get your schedule for you" I took a pen and signed the papers in front of me while he went to get my schedule. After awhile be came back with my locker number, combination, and schedule. I took them and he led us out of his office. "Diana come to the office tomorrow and we will have someone here for you to take you to each class" "alright thank you Mr. Thyme." "Anytime Diana see you tomorrow." He shook our hands and we out ad started walking to my car.

When we got to the car I started it and looked at them. "So are we going shopping or what?" I asked "well take me home first then you guys can go shop for whatever you need" I nodded and drove home to drop him off. I then looked at Jamie "where to? I don't know how to get around yet" "right. Let's take my car and I'll drive" "okay." We got out of the car and went to her car and got in. "Ready for a fun day" she asked me. "Ya I am let's go" I said smiling. And with that we headed downtown to do some school shopping.

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