Dear 1D (a new start)

This is the second book to 'Dear 1D (finding her)' Diana just moved to England to live with her dad and his family. She has life changing experiences. But what happens when 2 of the boys from one direction and 1 boy from her school fight for her?


3. Meeting up with the family


When we got to the luggage pick up I saw my dad and my step mom waiting for me, so I walked up to them "hey dad" "hey sweetheart" he said and hugged me. "go get your stuff and we'll go ok?" i nodded and went to where the luggage was gonna come out. I stood by Harry and Niall and Harry asked "Diana i need your number" "oh right i need yours too. all of your guys numbers actually." they all got their phones ready and i gave them my number. we figured it would be easier for me to just give my number to them and they could just text me their numbers. Soon enough i got 5 texts. 1 from each of the boys. i saved their numbers into my phone and soon after the luggage came up with all my boxes. Harry got one of the luggage roller things to carry luggage out to your car. All the boys helped me bring one out and I followed my dad and step mom to their car. When we got there i figured out that they brought a moving truck to put all my stuff in. My Dad and the boys all helped me put all the boxes in the truck. I looked at the boys. "So I'll see you guys later then?" "of course. you have our numbers so if you need any of us just gives a text or call" Harry said. "we will always be here for you Diana" Niall told me then i gave them all a hug. we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. I sat by the window while my step mom Jamie sat in the middle by my dad. "So Diana, we will go to your new school tomorrow to get you registered and you will start school wednesday." my dad told me. "Why am i starting in the  middle of the week?" "because thats how its gonna work here. we will tell you the rules when we get home and you show you your new room" i nodded and put my headphones on while we drove to my new home.

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