Dear 1D (a new start)

This is the second book to 'Dear 1D (finding her)' Diana just moved to England to live with her dad and his family. She has life changing experiences. But what happens when 2 of the boys from one direction and 1 boy from her school fight for her?


4. Getting settled


When I got home my dad and my step mom helped me bring all the boxes into my new room. My room was huge!! I had my own bathroom, walk in closet, flat screen tv in my room, king size bed, bookshelf, a big window and let's just say it was my dream room.

After all the boxes where in my room I started to unpack and when I looked in the drawers I already had new clothes. Jamie came into my room while I was unpacking "I hope you don't mind your dad and I went shopping for you yesterday." "No I don't mind at all. Thanks" I said smiling. "I hope you like them. I didn't really know your style" "these are perfect thanks so much." "Do you need any help unpacking?" "Umm no I think I got it. Thanks though" I said and went back to unpacking boxes she nodded and went downstairs.

I got done unpacking around 5pm and I went downstairs to see Damian and my two step sisters. "Hey Diana" Damian said "hi Damian." I went and sat next to him. "What are you guys doing?" "Just watching a movie. Want to join?" "Id love to but dad told me to go talk to him after I was done unpacking. So I'll see you guys in a bit I guess" I said standing up and went to go find my dad.

I found my dad in his office and I knocked on the door. "Come in!" He said and I opened the door. "Dad? I'm done packing" "oh good good come sit and we can go over a few things" I nodded and sat down in a chair. "Ok first off curfew is at 10 on school nights and 12 on weekends. You break that and curfew is a sooner time. Next dinner is always at 6 sharp and we expect you to be at the table. Also if you have any problems at school I expect you to come to me or Jamie about it ok?" "Alright." "And also you'll need a car to get around so here are the keys to your new car." He said and handed me the keys. "Are you serious!?" I said smiling taking the keys. "Yes I am. But be careful with it. You wreck it I'm not paying for a new one." "I will be super careful I promise." I said smiling "thanks dad so much!!" I said hugging him. "Your welcome princess now go hangout with your brother and sisters. I need to finish some work" he said and I went out to go hangout with my siblings.

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