Dear 1D (a new start)

This is the second book to 'Dear 1D (finding her)' Diana just moved to England to live with her dad and his family. She has life changing experiences. But what happens when 2 of the boys from one direction and 1 boy from her school fight for her?


8. First Day of School

Diana's Pov

I woke up to my alarm going off at 7:00am. I rolled off my bed lazily and went to my bathroom to shower and get ready for school. When I was mostly all ready for school I checked my phone and saw I had 5 new messages. One from each of the boys. Harry: 'Hey Love! hope you have a good first day at school.!(:' Niall: "Diana! I heard its your first day at school. Good luck an have fun(:' Liam: 'Hey Diana, hope you have fun at school on your first day. take care!' Louis: 'DIANA!! its your first day of school!!! i remember my first day.. haha well goodluck and have fun!' Zayn: 'Hi Diana! good luck on your first day at school!' I smiled at all the texts and replied to all of them the same thing to save time 'Thank you! ill need the luck haha talk to you guys when i get home(:' 

I looked at all my new clothes trying to decide what to wear. I decided to go with black skinny jeans and a white t-shirt that has an infinity sign on it with a jean jacket. After straightening my hair and doing my makeup it was 7:40 and i had 10 mins to get to school. I rushed down the stairs grabbed an apple, new school stuff, and my keys heading out the door "bye everyone!" Damian already left for school so i drove by myself. 

I got to school at 7:49 and walked into the front office. I was supposed to have someone show me around to all my classes. I sat in one of the chairs for a couple minutes before Andrew walked in. "Hey Diana! I am here to take you to your classes" he smiled and I stood up "Oh right." I smiled a bit "well should we go then?" he chuckled a bit and i nodded "ya lets go" we walked down the hall to my locker so i could put my stuff in it. I tried doing my combo 3 times before giving up "ugh i hate lockers" "here let me do it" Andrew said and took my combo from me and opened it on his first try "you got an old locker so its a bit harder to open" "oh.. makes sense why i couldn't open it now." I chuckled a little and put my stuff in my locker and closed it. I looked at Andrew just standing there looking at me. "well..?" "well what?" "should we go?..." "oh right right!" he turned a little red embarrassed and chuckled softly smiling. We walked to my first class which was history and i had to introduce myself to the class. After i did i sat down in my assigned seat in the middle of the room. 


I got to be the lucky chosen one to take Diana to her classes today and show her around. I have to say, when Damian said his sister was coming to live here i did not think she was going to be as beautiful as she is. I mean Damian is my best mate, and Diana is his sister its weird for me to want to date her. At her locker i kinda just stared at her for a minute and when i snapped out of it she was looking at me weird. I felt so embarrassed! I took her to History which i have with her. I took my seat and just waited for class to be over. It sucks having History be your first class of the day. 

When the bell rang for class to be over. I got up and waited for Diana. "ready for class 2?" "sure am!" i smiled and walked to her second class, English. "i dont have this class with you, so I will meet up with you after class alright?" "okay. Ill see you after class then" She walked in and i walked to Math, which Damian happens to be in my class. He looked at me curious "so hows showing my sister around school going?" "great" i said a little more happy then it should have sounded and he raised an eyebrow at me "you like my sister don't you?" "what? no. thats weird for me to have a little crush on your sister." "ya it is weird so dont like my sister. she is off limits okay?" "okay okay. i wont try anything" "good!" i sighed and did my math assignment by myself today because our teacher was in a mood. 

At lunch Diana sat by Damian and I. "How's your first day going?" Damian asked her "pretty good. being the new girl is weird. I keep getting different looks for people." she shrugs like she was used to it, which kinda surprised me. "what kind of looks?" Damian asked a little worried "you know the 'oh your the new girl' from some people, from some guys its 'dang girl you fine' and from some girls 'ewe thats the girl from the states with the weird accent'" "how do you know thats what people have been saying?" i asked curiously and Damian gave me a little glare "what im just curious!" Diana laughed a little "its fine. im used to it. and because i have ears and can hear what people say when i walk by." "im sure these looks will go away soon Diana. you dont need to worry about it" "im not worried Damian. Im used to it." "I know but i dont want your experience here be like the one at your old school" "Damian trust me. I'm fine. i like the new start." she glared at him like she was trying to hide something and Damian put his hands up in surrender "okay okay, i just care about you thats all." "I know. and thank you but dont worry about me." "alright alright."

we all finished lunch in silence. When the bell rang Damian and I both took Diana to her PE class cause we have it with her. In the guys locker room i look at Damian "what was that all about at lunch with your sister?" "oh nothing" "it was something mate." "look Andrew. My sister has had a rough couple of years back in Texas." "oh.. alright.." "just dont worry about it okay?" "alright alright i wont" "good." 

When we all got out to participate in PE it was dodge ball. Damian and I both got picked to be captain. Damian chose first and surprise he chose his sister! after everyone had there teams we all played. 

We played a couple of games of it and 10 mins before the bell rang we all went to take showers. 


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