Dear 1D (a new start)

This is the second book to 'Dear 1D (finding her)' Diana just moved to England to live with her dad and his family. She has life changing experiences. But what happens when 2 of the boys from one direction and 1 boy from her school fight for her?


5. At the dinner table


At 6:00 we all got to the dinner table. I sat next to my dad and Damian. There was a bunch of food on the table like chicken, rice, peas, salad, and fruit. Apparently my dad is religious so we said a prayer and had dinner.

During dinner my brother looked at me "so Diana how was it like living in Texas?" "It was fun actually. We didn't get any snow for winter so it was basically summer all year long." "Wow no snow? I would hate that. I love the snow" "im excited to see snow really. Winter seems so awesome" "winter is the best here you'll love it" I just smiled at him and ate my dinner.

When everyone was finished eating Jamie brought out dessert. Jamie ha made cupcakes earlier to celebrate my arrival. "Thanks Jamie" I said and took one "thanks mommy" my step sisters said. "Thanks Jamie for the cupcakes" Damian said. "Thanks sweetheart" my dad said and kissed her. "No problem guys I love baking you all know that" she said smiling.

When we were all done eating our cupcakes I went up to my room to get ready for bed and I decided to text Harry. 'Hey Harry!!' I got a response almost immediately after 'hey Diana what's up?' 'Nothing really just had dinner. Wbu?' 'Oh you know the sky haha jk nothin just got out of the studio' 'oh ya you guys are working on a new album uh?' 'Ya we are(:' 'how's it going?' 'Its going really good. We just need a few more songs and we'll be done(:' 'that's awesome!!(: I can't wait to hear it' 'ya it's going to be an awesome album. Something different then the others' 'sounds so cool!(:' 'it is haha so how was your first day in London? You like it so far?' 'Ya it's awesome. Different. But awesome(:' 'I'm glad you like it here(:' 'ya me too my new room is HUGE!!' 'Haha I bet. Your dad is a rich man' 'ya I know but I still can't believe how big it is! ^_^' 'you'll get used to it. Well I'm really tired and you should go to sleep too. I'll talk to you tomorrow ok Diana?' 'Alrighty goodnight!(:'

I set my phone down and right when I was about to go to sleep Jamie came into my room and sat down by my bed. I looked at her "can I help you with something Jamie?" She chuckled a little "no I was just wondering if you needed to go school shopping and get new supplies" "oh.. Ya I do. My backpack is all warn out and gross" I said laughing a bit "ok great we can go tomorrow after we get you registered for school. That way you won't be bored all day tomorrow" "okay awesome! Well I'm really tired so can I go to sleep now?" "Oh ya sure thing goodnight Diana" "goodnight" and with that I went to sleep.

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