secret safe

Charlotte is a spy every sense she was 6 her dad was one in tell he died.Her mom was one but retired and her mom showed her how to be.She has been one sense she was 8 and she has to protect One Direction. Because A Gang waits to kill them and Charlotte,Charlotte falls for Harry and Liam and she's not aloud too


3. Why did i do that?

I ran out of the room and slammed my door.I put on some clothes and walked out back into Harry's room.Hey Harry i said.Yeah he said smirking.Well if you keep that a secret i will do anything i begged.Anything?he asked.Yes i said.Go out on a date with me on the beach.

Fine whatever i said.I walked out. Liam walked out.Hey Liam hungry? i asked. Yeah.he said.Come get some breakfast with me i will be lonely i said hitting him in the arm.Okay.he said walking down stairs.Can you grab the eggs?i asked Sure.he said giving them to me.

After breakfast was ready i called everyone down. Niall was first.He sat down and started to eat.The others same. Aren't you going to eat Zayn asked.No i don't really eat a lot.Why not?Zayn asked.Because i don't want to gang anymore weight. i said looking down at me stomach.

Your just right Liam said. Liam thanks but it is the truth. i said.You so do not believe in yourself .Louis said.Yes i do i said.Well we have to go get dressed Liam said.Okay i said they all got up.And walked out.I picked up the plates and out them in the sink.


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