secret safe

Charlotte is a spy every sense she was 6 her dad was one in tell he died.Her mom was one but retired and her mom showed her how to be.She has been one sense she was 8 and she has to protect One Direction. Because A Gang waits to kill them and Charlotte,Charlotte falls for Harry and Liam and she's not aloud too


1. what?

i was sitting on my bed when i got a call on my bracelet.It was John.Hey Charlotte i have a misson for you! he said sounding worried. What is it?i asked I need you protect....he said.Who i asked getting mad.One Direction!he said he knew i hated them.ONE DIRECTION!?!?! YES bye thank you he said and got off.Oh and meet me in your back yard.

i went outside and saw John.And he had suitcases.They will be here in 10 mins bye.he vanished a spy gadgets.i have them to it tranports  you places.i may as well use on right now to get to the door.

i heard a knock at the door.First i checked who then i opened it.this was there,,

here's my jacket one said and walked in one by one they gave me there jackets.Look for one im here to be your bodyguard.But we have Paul one said and it was the curly head one said it.Shut it.2 im not an maid for you all.There are rooms up stairs for you all.


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