secret safe

Charlotte is a spy every sense she was 6 her dad was one in tell he died.Her mom was one but retired and her mom showed her how to be.She has been one sense she was 8 and she has to protect One Direction. Because A Gang waits to kill them and Charlotte,Charlotte falls for Harry and Liam and she's not aloud too


2. Harry stop!

I walked to the kitchen to make dinner.When it was done i yelled CURLY! LEPURCAN! CARROT! PRETTY BOY AND SMARTY! FOOD IS READY!.They came running down i call this seat.No get that one!i will choose okay! i said lepurcan  right there okay he said and smiled and i gave seats to the others.

Carrot stop it stop throwing that curly.No dont touch thats.They stopped and said Let us say our names.Im Louis Niall Liam Zayn and Your boyfriend Harry! louis said.Harry gave a smirk.I rolled my eyes.

As they ran up stairs and went to bed i was cleaning the dishing.Man they are messy i was thinking to myself.Then i felt Arms around my waist.i turned around and it was Harry.i think.What do think your doing?i asked him.Doing what i want. he said coming near me.Well your not getting me i said I get what i want when i want.he said and pinned me to the wall and started kissing me.I tried to get away but he was strong.

He tried to get in my mouth.but i did let him.So he went to my butt and pinched it.I took a breathe and he got in.He put him hips on mine.While i was arching me back.i could feel he got a boner so it made me moan a bit.I could feel him smile against my lips.He held my mouth and brought me to his room.

he held me on the bed and ripped my shirt off.He asked and said if i take my hand off your mouth.i nodded yes.He took his hand off.Harry what are you doing?i asked him.Doing what i want he said and smirked.Well if you want what you want i am not going to be the only one without clothes.

i said with a smirk.i know what your doing he said.And if you tell any one you will regret it he said.he kissed me but i could not help but to kiss him back he was so cute and in fit.he took off his shirt.and ripped off my bra.Nice said looking down.He kissed me again.And then took off my shorts.

i was only in my thongs.I took off his pants where he was only in his underwear.he started to put his hand in my thongs.And started to rub.I moaned as he took them off then he started to suck on my sweet spot.Harry dont make me beg i said i could feel him smile against mt skin.he took off his underwear.And putted it in me.Slowly at first.Harry faster i said to him.Ok he said then thrusted faster and faster.

the next morning i woke up in Harry's bed with his arm around me.oh no i didn't i said to my self.You did Harry said smiling.

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