Stay Down or Get Back Up(Justin Bieber FanFic)

Olivia "Chachi" Gonzales was a very strange girl. She didn't have much friends, she was abused constantly, and much more. But what most people don't know about her is the fact she can dance. But one day, she gets an opportunity... Will she take it? or leave it? Will she get friends? or will she stay the same? Will she fall in love? or will she fall in a hole? Will she Fall Down and stay? or will she get up and defeat? Find out... In Stay Down or Get Back Up.



This isn't really a chapter. But you'll get pictures and info about the characters, locations, and you'll also get a Prologue, which is kinda like a beginner type thing for the story. So.... Quick BTW... Imma put the pictures for those on computers and imma put links for those on phones or other devices. So you dont have to look at both, just the one u need or if u want, both......SOOOOOO....In the story:^.^


Name: Olivia "Chachi" Gonzales {NOT FAMOUS IN THIS STORY, BUT SHE'S REAL}

Age: 17, March 1.

Height: 5'4"

Relationship: With Munro Chambers for 5 years.

Looks: Auburn Hair(means her color goes from dark to light tips), Brown Eyes, Short, Glasses/Contacts, and hates girly clothing.

Obsessions: Dancing, Rapping, Listening to Music, and Writing.


Link to Pictures: (More Pictures there)


Name: Justin Bieber {IS FAMOUS IN STORY!!!}

Age: 17, March 1.

Height: 5'7"

Relationship: With Selena Gomes for 5 months.

Looks: Sexy^.^ haha, actually. Brown hair, Brown Eyes, Tall.

Obsessions: Singing, Dancing, Rapping, Writing Music.


Link to Pictures:



Name: Drew Barrymore{FAMOUS}

Age: 33, January 5.

Height: 5'6"

Relationship: Step-Mother of Chachi, married to Taylor for 15 years.

Looks: Brown Eyes, Hair color changes constantly, usually red.

Obsessions: Spying(since she's a secret agent), hanging with Chachi, acting and wearing leather.


Link to Pictures:



Name: Taylor Lautner{FAMOUS IN STORY!!}

Age: 34, March 11.

Height: 5'9"

Relationship: Step-Father of Chachi, married to Drew for 15 years.

Looks: Short brown hair, brown eyes, buff, tall.

Obsessions: Working out, hanging out with Chachi, and acting.


Link to Pictures:



Name: Munro Chambers {Hes not famous in here}

Age: 18, July 29.

Height: 5'7"

Relationship: With Chachi for 5 years.

Looks: Black hair, light brown eyes, tall compared to Chachi.

Obsessions: clubbing, drinking, hanging with his buds.


Link to Pictures:




Name: Ryan Butler & Chaz Somers {EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE IN REAL LIFE!!}

Age: 17(Sept. 14) & 17(October 9){Thats what one site said.. i wasn't sure -.-}

Height: 5'6" & 5'8" {I guessed the heights, sorry-.-}

Relationship: Bestfriends with Justin. Both Single....for now ^.*

Looks: Blue eyes, blonde hair. Brown hair, brown eyes.

Obsessions: Making short movies and video games. making jokes and video games.


Link to Pictures: RYAN>>  CHAZ>>  


Name: Josh Hutcherson{NOT FAMOUS IN STORY!!!}

Age: 18, October 12.

Height: 5'8".

Relationship: Best Buds with Chachi.. aka only friend of hers. Single!

Looks: Black hair, brown eyes, tall, somewhat buff.

Obsessions: Chachi(In a Protective way), learning, and drawing.


Link to Pictures:



Name: Selena Gomez {EXACTLY WHAT SHE IS LIFE!! FAMOUS!! -.- not a hater, but i wanna be famous too haha.. i love her and all, but i envy her-.-}

Age: 21, July 22.

Height: 5'6"

Relationship: With Justin for 5 months.

Looks: Brown hair, Brown eyes,

Obsessions: Clubbing, Drinking, Publicity, Acting.


Link to Pictures:





School:      Stratford High.  {IDK if thats actually real xD}

Place:        Stratford, Canada.






My names Olivia Gonzalas. But you can call me Chachi, Everyone does. Except for my boyfriend,Munro, I dont exactly like him, considering what he does to me, but I cant break up with him. Or he'll hurt me more. Sorry off track. I was abandoned when I was 3 months. Literally, I was left on a bench in NYC, at midnight. With nothing but a blanket, carriage, and a binky. THats it. But lucky me, Taylor Lautner and Drew Barrymore found me. They were shooting a movie then, and they chose to take a stroll and found me. They adopted me. Then, when I was 2, they got married. I was the flower girl, very stressful. Haha, Life was perfect. Perfect Family. We had Money. We had A home. We had each other. They treated me as their own and I treat them as my parents. Then when I was 12, I got my first boyfriend. Munro, he was my only. I loved him, and I believed he did too. Until we turned 14.. He forced me into sex... Then he abused me for the first time when I was 15, Now.... Im 17... and you wouldnt even imagine what hes been doing since.



Hey guys.... So make sure to read my other stories.. My Birthweek, Fast & Furious, and Thanks For Nothing. KK(:

~Stay Swaggy~

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