I Could Use Some Saving

Aubrey's a life is what some may call a Cinderella story with a twist, but how she sees it, it is a living hell. Living with a old stepmother and two bitchy sisters was never easy for Aubrey, she hated her life until a boy came along at the annual masquerade ball. Will this be her chance to freedom or just another heartbreak?


1. Not Cinderella

Aubrey's P.O.V

" Shit!" I cursed as I saw the time. I had slept in. Fiona is going to murder me. I quickly got dressed and ran down the stairs only to see a very furious Fiona waiting for me.

"Aubrey, how do you expect anything to get done when your sleeping?" Fiona interrogated me with a sly look on her face. Oh how I wanted to kill my not so wonderful stepmother. She has managed to make my life a living hell in only 6 months. After my mother died 12 years ago my dad remarried a witch to make me feel like a had a mother. He died of cancer 6 months ago leading me here. I was the involuntary maid of the house.

" I don't" I shamelessly answered.

" Then I hope to see you up on time next time." Fiona smirked walking away from our conversation. She is such a raging bitch. She makes her evil clones look like angels.

" AUBREY!" Speak of the devils. Amberly and Sophia looking like Barbie gone wrong walked down the steps in what looks like a blind girl chose their outfit. All you could see was pink and glitter. Don't even get me started on their make up!

"Aubrey, as you know the masquerade ball is coming up so I'm going to need you to bleach my hair" Amberly said prissy like. Sophia not knowing what else to do said to do her hair too.

" Couldn't think of anything better" I sarcastically replied. They just fakishly smiled and shashyed off.

This is going to be a long ass day!

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