Big Ideas

So basically, I have all these ideas for books, and this is just a collection of those ideas. If you really like the idea for one, go ahead and use it. You don't really have to ask. Most of these I would love to see become something, because I know I will never get most of these published. If you do use an idea though, will you please let me know though? Because I would love to read it.


4. When life gives you lemons

Taking place in 1960's, 3 boys in high school meet a bar on the last day of school.

The guy at the bar doesn't get involved in the affairs of other people, and doesn't care what age you are so long as you pay.

They meet up:

1st guy: a freshman, very shy and moved to that school 2 weeks before school got let out and had no friends yet. He goes to the bar to just forget life a little bit. His family is just your normal middle class family. He is incredibly short and kind of awkward, but in a cute and funny way.

2nd guy: very rich, but sticks to old cheap jeans and shoes except for this one sports jock jacket that always looks brand new. He is a sophomore who doesn't have a care in the world, He's really laid back, but really philosophical. He is a huge fan of doctor who. He goes to the bar because he failed 2 courses and knows he will be in big trouble when he gets home.

3rd guy: A senior who was easily the most popular in the grade. He was incredibly poor, but lived life to the fullest. He is a total partier who doesn't really have a curfew. He knows a lot of people and has the pick of the litter in terms of females. He seems to know everyone and can talk his way in or out of anything. He is highly accepting, and intelligent. People just seem to listen to him naturally and he doesn't really take advantage of that. He goes to the bar because he had a girlfriend he really loved but she dumped him for another guy who goes to a different school.

They all meet up and start hanging out and going to a lot of parties with booze with eager girls to find a guy. The freshman will end up falling in love with either a girl who is way out of his league or a complete super cute girl who has short hair and wears comfortable flats and tweed skirts below the knee and that's all she wears. But if its option 1 then she will end up falling for the sophomore and he will get her.

They are inseparable and end up getting into some deep shit with the police at one point or another, which will leave things kinda awkward towards the end of the book. But the sophomore will move away and the senior will go to college, so the freshman will just end up crying and back to his humdrum life. I feel like it should be centered around the freshman, but in 3rd person  

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