Big Ideas

So basically, I have all these ideas for books, and this is just a collection of those ideas. If you really like the idea for one, go ahead and use it. You don't really have to ask. Most of these I would love to see become something, because I know I will never get most of these published. If you do use an idea though, will you please let me know though? Because I would love to read it.


7. Seeing the Sights

A boy in a normal town is in high school, but is bullied greatly. He is highly intelligent and realizes that the people are really just not OK with themselves and are trying to escape themselves for a little bit. If that means picking on him for their happiness, he will gladly put up with it. He is incredibly warm hearted and will always do the chiverlous thing and be content with it.

The most popular girl in the school is his neighbor and has been for awhile. They are best friends, and he loves her so much, and she would like to love him back, she just can't for whatever strange reason. When they go to school they don't ever talk unless it wouldn't be looked down upon, like being put in a group together. He understands it, she doesn't want to ruin her reputation, he wouldn't either if he was that far up the line. She tries to stop the bullies in any way she can without looking too weird according to high school standards. (If you're in high school, you will get it.) He just feels happy when he's around her, and she feels the same with him. They just can't be together. They are such good friends that she can open up, undress, cry in front of him which is pretty big. He could do the same with her but doesn't.

He is just trying to get to graduation while still being able to keep his feelings in a locked box on his shelf, which he is excellent at. It's a happy sad story. He is sad, but is making everyone else happy.

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