Big Ideas

So basically, I have all these ideas for books, and this is just a collection of those ideas. If you really like the idea for one, go ahead and use it. You don't really have to ask. Most of these I would love to see become something, because I know I will never get most of these published. If you do use an idea though, will you please let me know though? Because I would love to read it.


3. my neighborhood

This one is a slam on judging people. The main character ran away from home at 14 and found this ghetto area in a neighboring state that has the works of bad people. Drug lords, prostitutes, alcoholics, all those kinds of people. This person gets taken in by some prostitutes who all live together and they soon discover they aren't these horrible people like everyone makes them out to be.

Its not really about her, just seen through her eyes. The area never has cops around, people don't want them around because they are just disrespectful to the people who live there. They have their own bank and laws because no one really follows the normal laws there anyways. But when she turns 18 the main character buys a bar and runs it with just her and some other man. Everyone there has a bar they go to, and no one gets carded for buying alcohol cause no one cares.

The people who live there are the nicest people you will find on the planet. Though everyone is a druggie, something of a crook, and no one does anything honest for a living, but to all of them, its just business. Having to beat the living shit out of someone because they missed their payment on meth has nothing to do with their personal life. For example, if they see a lost little girl on the streets, they will stop her and help her at any costs. They are friends with everyone. The whole community is basically just one huge family. I have this idea where a huge bar fight breaks out and as soon as its done, everyone just stops and says, that was fun, hey you need a lift home? and then the next day they come back and help clean up a bit. Yes, everyone there always has pot in their pocket, and wont hesitate to punch you if you piss them off, but will protect you at the same time. To them, doing the things they do is just business, and it doesn't define who they are as a person.

I kind of imagine it as a reporter asking for in interview for the main character, who is not only the bartender and just answers all the reporters questions and proves them that people are not all they seem. Its about the town, not about the protagonist. Written in 3rd person.

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