Big Ideas

So basically, I have all these ideas for books, and this is just a collection of those ideas. If you really like the idea for one, go ahead and use it. You don't really have to ask. Most of these I would love to see become something, because I know I will never get most of these published. If you do use an idea though, will you please let me know though? Because I would love to read it.


12. Miss-not-know-it-all

A girl is born and raised in in a city and is a miss know it all bookworm who read everything and anything she could about anything and everything. At one point she goes on a plane to Canada and crashes leaving her stranded alone in the forest in Idaho. She then learns she knows almost nothing and she has to get to civilization asap cause its almost winter. Survival skills. She's almost 15 and gets close to death.

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