Big Ideas

So basically, I have all these ideas for books, and this is just a collection of those ideas. If you really like the idea for one, go ahead and use it. You don't really have to ask. Most of these I would love to see become something, because I know I will never get most of these published. If you do use an idea though, will you please let me know though? Because I would love to read it.


2. ice cream

This one would be a horror book. This person and his/her friend are total delinquents in seventh grade who plan on dropping out 8th grade. On the last day of school they see a truck that says free ice cream (not suspicious at all right?) not wanting to pass up on a golden opportunity go to get some, but instead wake up tied up in a dark basement. The friend isn't there. They somehow get out of the ropes and try to escape the house.

Its actually a huge house. There a lot of rooms filled with either dead or alive kids. if their alive, they are always bloodied up and don't have any energy to move. They are always in cages. But in every room there is some sort of torture device. Like I have (regrettably) this image of one where a kid no more than six or seven is tied up with so much rope you cant see their body, and their head is wrapped in bandages, not bloody until a saw comes out and basically scalps the kid. There are devices like that in every room.

And the master of the house is 'the ice cream man' he has a butchers knife with him all the time and a butchers apron and a chefs hat. Either his face is always hidden in the shadows or he has pale, fragile skin and he doesn't have lips, just a spot where they were removed and his mouth is just stiches. Kinda like that guy from wolverine. He is always covered in blood.

The house has decorative wood paneling that goes 1/2 way up the walls, the other 1/2 is peeling, fading pink stripy wall paper. The floors are hard wood, but are jagged, and would give you splinters. On the walls there is spattered blood as well as the floor, but on the floor you might see a trail of blood.

So this person is trying to get out of this house, though there seems to be no exit. Its just one huge maze and they find themselves going in circles. But they have to find their friend 1st. They will watch their friend die though, with no way to help him.

By the time they get out though, they get the police, and that gets situated out, and they have a newfound respect for life and people, but highly disturbed for the rest of their life.

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